hurting here without you (star wars: the force awakens)

pairing: hermitage hux/cindy the rathar

summary: armorharge has to leave for starkiller base, leaving pregnant cindy the rathar alone… before he leaves they have an encounter.

HURT/COMFORT and SMUT don’t like don’t read (and review PLEASE)

additional tags: love, golden shower, sexy orange man, smut, lemon

Everyone’s talking about how toxic the fandom is...

But they’re missing the bigger picture. When the leak happened, it was only one fan who made us look bad by trying to blackmail the studio. Just one. You know what everyone else was doing? They were pulling together, trying to purge Tumblr of the leaks. By the time I came online that day, I had no idea what anyone was talking about because the leaks were pretty much gone. That’s how quickly this fandom pulled together.

Sure, we’ve got problems – mainly the endless (and pointless) ship wars – but, at the end of the day, this fandom is made up of fundamentally good people. When it matters, we can work together just fine.

Save Voltron

This is regarding the current issue of leaked pictures of Voltron: Legendary Defender, Season 3

Please, please, take them down. None of the fans want the show to be postponed or cancelled and none of us want anyone from Studio Mir to be fired either.

Remove any and all leaked pictures and stop others from reblogging or making matters worse.

It’s time for Voltron fans to work together.

//Some of us can’t live if Voltron stop ;w;


MBLAQ - R U OK (2013 Sensation Tour Yokosuka)