Aikoto Week; Bonus!! (New Game Plus)
♢ Velvet Room Attendants AU

i…don’t really really post my art here, but when i saw this prompt amongst the new game plus prompts, i…really wanted to draw it and post it. so here!

i have this idea that their guest is most likely hamuko (p3 femc). and i also thought what if the p3 protags were the velvet room attendants and aigis is the guest. idk, i might get back onto this idea one day.

Aikoto Week Day 7 — What is your favorite thing about the pairing?

This isn’t really one of those questions you think about too often. After liking something for so long you usually don’t question why you like it. I think my favorite thing about the pairing would have to be what I mentioned in a few of my other posts. Aikoto is inherently bittersweet. The end of Persona 3 hits you like a freight train. You don’t get that nice resolved happy ending. It does leave you wondering about what could have been but you can’t forget about all those sweet moments in-between.