A part of me is sad that Zendaya had to justify her dreads by listing respectable black people who wear locs upon their crown. There could be 100 people in the world with dreads and 99 of them could smoke weed, it doesn’t mean that she does. Generalization sucks. And if she did, why is that any of your business? Why does that have to define her? Why does that her make her less than? She is an individual and she represents herself. Stop defining people by their hair, skin color, education, gender, sexuality.

I’ve recently decided that I’m no longer waiting to be good enough in the eyes of anyone - society, peers, parents, employers, potential mates. I’m going to be me because being yourself is a radical act - and we’re not moving anywhere on a social or political level if we’re trying to be good enough for others, especially if they already view us as less than. I’ve decided that I’m good enough for me. If you don’t like me simply as an existing being, I know for certain on some level or degree, form you don’t like you. It’s not about me.

It’s time for spring cleaning!

The energy in the atmosphere is powerful. Now is a time to cleanse and purge your space on a psychic, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level. Be mindful of the energy you invite into your personal dwelling in this space in time. Dedicate your time to truly getting rid of the things that don’t serve you at all - that means text messages, phone contacts, clothes, emotions, circumstances, thoughts. The cleaning you engage in now is preparing you for the new energies ready to flow into your life. Make a mindful note to release unkind thoughts that don’t serve you. Literally, if it’s not support you in being all of who you are, if it’s not lifting you up, if it’s not loving, let it go.

Sending you all my loving, healing, uplifting energy,

Brittany Josephina | Tumblr @MindofaTaurus, Instagram @BrittanyJosephina, Twitter @BrittanyPhina

My Truths

I am very open, loving and bubbly person. I attract a lot of people. However, I am mindful and selective about who I decide to spend my personal, intimate time with. I’m not very gossipy. I don’t enjoy participating in it. To be honest, I’d have to fake being interested in that… 

I enjoy being around people like myself to be honest. Loving, connected, open, vulnerable, creative individuals and most importantly, people who are authentically themselves. My idea of a good time range from going to art galleries to spending time inside the house cooking a good meal and indulging in good conversation. I don’t have a desire to be accepted any longer. I don’t have a desire for attention. I don’t have a desire to pursue avenues that have no authentic interest in me. I don’t believe I exist to be liked by the whole world. I do know that I have people around me who genuinely and truly love me for who I am - those who want to see me unwrap my gifts.

I’m not willing to compromise myself to make anyone comfortable, you know? This is really who I am. I will not apologize for it. I don’t want to rise to anyone’s standards, except for God’s. I’m an abundant being who will always expand beyond the boxes created for me. 

-Brittany Josephina