RFA meeting
  • V:okay, I guess that's it for today.
  • V:do you guys have any other question, suggestion or request?
  • MC:*raises hand slowly* I have a request...
  • V:yes, what is it?
  • MC:It's for seven actually *blushes*
  • 707:oooohhhh... What is it? What is it?
  • MC:can you maybe redesign the app? It's getting annoying how you try to press the back button and ends up opening Jumin's profile...
  • MC:...if it's alright with you... and Jumin *blushes*
  • ZEN:*whispers* someone finally freakin said it.
  • Everyone:*looks at Jumin*
  • Jumin:i have no say in the matter.
  • 707:...ok
AOMG dates

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Loco; would take you out for a long drive to a neighboring town away from any potential intrusions. He’d take you someone authentic, a little local shop, hidden away from the public. He’s a down to earth guy so being extravagant isn’t in his forte. After dinner he’d drive you up a hill where the stars shine the brightest, he’d pull out a blanket he had hidden in the trunk. You spend the night talking about your aspirations and life’s greatest moments.

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Gray; would surprise you with VIP tickets to a concert you’ve been raving about. The booth he’d gotten was nearly empty and filled with the world’s delicacies. You felt like a queen that is until your mutuals showed up. Gray has a process for things and that may not align you with completely. You decide not to say anything because it’s your first “date”. Once the concert ends and goodbyes are said he leads you to some other place. You badger him with questions but he simply smiles evading your questions. It’s dark out the only thing in your peripheral vision is a pool. He takes hold of your hand and continues down towards the body of water. Near the lounge chairs are bathing suits each to their own, you get the picture. You both go for a midnight swim and a drink to go with it. It was nice and sensual. He explains what happened before bringing you closer to him.

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Jay; is an extravagant guy, he loves to spoil his friends and family just imagine what he would do for you. Jay planned a weekend getaway at a city nearby. A hotel booked for two and a spa reservation with your names on it. He showed you around the most top of the hand shops and restaurants. Nothing came close to his midnight insecurities, forget about the expensive food and lavish gifts they didn’t come close to the vulnerable side of him. You got to see the real him, the one who cries and worries, the nights weren’t completely filled with lust but security and warmth.

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Simon: is AOMG’s foodie. He would take you to dim lighted restaurant maybe even ask for the booth in the far corner for more privacy. He’s a sweetheart with only your comfort in mind and will order everything you want. Simon would hold your hand and listen intently to your every word, it was a nice change from your usual guy. The restaurant was buzzing with conversations and meat sizzling on the grill but all that was tuned out, you two were in your own universe. Until your food arrived, the romantic aura surrounding you vanished, now the air was filled with giggles and sarcasm. Simon wouldn’t stop at a secluded dinner he would carry the date out for dessert. Riding top down to a far ice cream parlor that Simon claims have the best ice cream, you beg to differ. It was ice cream he ate as a kid, it brought back a sea of memories, his eyes lit up as he received his ice cream cone.  The child in him screamed for joy at the bite of his ice cream it was quite a sight.

I honestly love the thought of Cartman being strictly gay, and I’m 100% a Kyman shipper, but at this point if he ends up with Heidi I’ll still be happy. That boy just needs some love.

Or he’ll see a vagina, nope the fuck out of that situation, and just be Cartman again. Who knows anymore.

Reason why I don’t think kyman fans should worry...

First of all, Is it me, or did Matt and Trey really tell us that Kyman broke up and Cartman is trying to move on while Kyle misses him!?!? AM I REALLY FINDING THIS CONNECTION OR AM I JUST A CRAZY SHIPPER??

Ahem…anyway, so we all know while everyone was breaking up, Kyle was crying over a picture of Cartman.


Okay so in The Damned, when Gerald called Kyle down, the boy still looked upset and was looking down before looking at his father and then the police.

 A sure sign that the guys were all talking about their lost loves, except for Craig and Butters of course- and Stan who was mopping in his room… So Kyle’s still not over what he and the boys have done to Cartman. He’s still worried about his friend.

Also look at his face during this clip!

After he says, “But we were wrong!” He looks to the side, lost in his thoughts. So I feel like there’s going to be more emotional scenes with Kyle and Cartman. 

PLUS, something good had to happen since Kyle’s going to be on Cartman’s team and Cartman gave him two movies at that!


[ENG|360p] 160919 MYSMT 2min Abs Cut
cr: Blingingtaemint


Did Sho just make a cute joke where he encouraged two girls to go out with each other?

Why am I so happy?

Is this how close it will be to knowing his views about homosexual relationships. I don’t know, but it’s just so cute.

Thank you

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