~Looking For Another Group Member~

So lately I’ve been a little slow with my updates, not because I’m bored with the fandom or because I’m tired of writing. It’s simply because I’m busy a lot what with school and volleyball. I thought about adding another admin, but decided that was too risky. Sooo, I’ve decided to add another MEMBER instead.

How This Will Work!

. Any members I add to my blog will be able to write

. I will give you a list of all the requests in my ask box and you will be permitted to write them when ever you please (Make sure to cross the requests out when finished)

. After you write content, send it to me (Through message or submission, whichever you prefer) and it will be posted as soon as I can get to it. (Despite my slow updates I actually spend a lot of time working with the computer and Tumblr so I’ll see it immediately most of the time unless I'm at school)

. You will be given full credit and a link to your blog

. Members can and will be kicked by me if I deem it necessary or if they have been absent for more than a month (Hopefully this won’t happen)

. I will dream what and what not I want to post of the content you write (99% percent of it will be posted, just thought I should put this out there)

How to submit a ‘resume’ or request to be added!

. Please send one in through submission or ask box and do not stay anonymous so I can contact you if I’m interested

. Include your typical schedule, if you have any former writing experience on Tumblr, gender, name or what you’d like me to call you and what your uncomfortable and comfortable writing as well as any triggers

. Anybody interested in writing must be familiar with the manga as well! 

. Do Not Spam or you will be Deleted!


@thegaypopnet Hi! I’m Traci. 26. she/her.

I’m pretty obviously a BTS stan and I love and appreciate every girl group. Even if I haven’t listened to them yet lol( but I’m partial to Wonder Girls, Brown Eyed Girls and Twice). I have a Bachelors degree in English and Religion but I’m currently working  a warehouse job that I hate oops. I really like aliens and space, I love New Kids on the Block, and I’ve probably seen Steel Magnolias like 500 times. I also say the word “like” a lot.

Dear Korean Producer

I’m not asking you to vote all the times for them, and this is not me asking you to put them into top 11. but after I saw I.O.I members on stage, MV, and shows, I think I know what exactly an idol group needs. please consider, that maybe this is the best pick so far. note: I’m totally not biased.

1. Kim Jaehwan (Ind.), Main Vocal.

2. Kim Jonghyun (PLEDIS), Rap, Leader.

3. Kang Daniel (MMO), Rap, Dance.

4. Ong Sungwoo (Fantagio), Vocal, Dance

5. Hwang Minhyun (PLEDIS), Vocal

6. Kim Samuel (Brave), Rap, Dance

7. Park Jihoon (Maroo), Dance, Center

8. Lai Guanlin (CUBE), Rap

9. Lee Dae Hwi (Brand New), Vocal, Composer

10. Ha Sungwoon (Ardor&Able), Vocal

11. Ahn Hyeongseop (Yuewha), Dance, Talent

Trainee I put aside for them to be on top 11 are: Bae Jinyoung (C9), Ju Haknyeon (Craker), Park Woojin (Brand New), please consider them too. They are (and the other trainees) so amazing. 

But I also want to say something that maybe a little sensitive for their fans. There are trainees that I resent for being in higher rank, (don’t start with those Jihoon things with me, I will not budge), like my gut telling me that those 11 boys deserve to be in top 11, this is also my gut telling me not to put them into top 11. Trainees like Lee Woojin (Media Line), Yoo Seonho (Cube), Jang Moonbok (ONO), Kwon Hyunbin (YGK+), Kang Dongho (PLEDIS).

I’ll explain later. Of why they should and should not be in the debut member.

Okay I confess~

I tottally biased. 

Forgive me?