I’ve been watching Avatar The Last Airbender again and noticed this parallel. This is Aang after saving the people at the Northern Air Temple and Korra talking to Tenzin at the Northern Air Temple. Both of them literally just got complimented for being skilled, understanding Avatars. 

Credit to @korra-warriorprincess for the pic of Korra.

Well, again in Korrasami’s mansion

Asami is taking a shower after a long day in the office. Suddenly, the stream of water stops in mid air and no more water is coming out of the shower. The water forms itself into a floating orb, which starts to slowly glide over her body. The soft touch feels fantastic and as the orb massages her breasts Asami moans with pleasure.

A little more water drops out of the shower head and gets formed into another orb. It slowly glides down her back and splits in two parts, which gently float around her thighs and then join together again in front of her crotch. Suddenly the orb assumes a cucumber-like shape and slowly enters her -CENCORED-. With her hands pressed against the shower cabin Asami lets out a loud moan and says: “Korra, please stop and get in here! I want to have you right here with me!”

FIREWORKS | Makorra Week 2016

“A good relationship is like fireworks: loud, explosive, and liable to maim you if you hold on too long.” Jeph Jacques

 Words: 4,400

Rating: T for Teen 


Mako learned to use lightning the way most city teens learned to smoke cigarettes.

It was a lesson gleaned in the darkest alleyways, behind the seediest of nightclubs, seemingly exhibiting a lack of sense when in fact it was quite the opposite. Only those with something to prove picked up such deadly habits.

The mathematics were simple.

Food equalled him and his brother surviving for another night. Food came from money. Money came from power.

The definition of “power”, however? That wasn’t so night and day.

At thirteen years old, Mako believed power meant fear.

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