Overwatch Rant

Okay. So I bought Overwatch about 6 days ago, and I’M OBSESSED. The game, the characters, the loot boxes, EVERYTHING. When the game came out, I didn’t want to buy it cuz I felt it was like another CoD but with fancy characters and there is no single player/campaign.

But you know what? The game is totally worth it. I’m level 23 or something now and I’m obsessed with playing. Every moment I’m not sleeping, working, hanging out with my family, I’m looking at something Overwatch-related or playing Overwatch. AND THE SHIPS. OMFG IT’S MY LIFE RIGHT NOW.

I’ve turned into a huge #Meihem shipper and a few others, but Junkrat x Mei fanart has taken over my life. Tumblr and Instagram help me fill my obsess meter, and I wish there was more fan art or canon stuff or whatever for it.

Anyways, the game is fun and I wish there was a story mode instead of online animation shorts/comics available in the game. Maybe they’ll update or release an Overwatch 2 in the future, but for now, this thing is my life and I hope I don’t burn out on it soon.

I have it for xBox One, so feel free to add me! I’m always looking for Offense and Support players (or even tanks!) cuz I’m a Junkrat/D.VA Main. 👍

See ya in the next post!