embarrassing things the signs do often
  • Aries:can't hear what someone is saying and asks "what" at least 10 times
  • Taurus:stomach growls loudly when in quiet situations
  • Gemini:forgets peoples names
  • Cancer:sits on a chair that makes a fart noise
  • Leo:gets caught in lies
  • Virgo:talks to a group for 10 minutes before realizing no one is listening
  • Libra:accidentally spits on people while talking
  • Scorpio:waving at someone who they think is waving at them, when they happen to be waving at the person behind them
  • Sagittarius:slips and trips constantly
  • Capricorn:tells "funny" stories that no one ends up thinking is funny
  • Aquarius:zones out in the middle of a convo
  • Pisces:walks the same way as someone who they just said goodbye to