thank you melissa mccarthy for abby yates.
thank you leslie jones for patty tolan.
thank you kate mckinnon for jillian holtzmann.
thank you kristen wiig for erin gilbert.
thank the four of you for your incredible portrayal of characters that are literally changing our lives. it’s the best addition to the shitty year of 2016 that any of us could have dreamed of.

lottejeffs: “[…] I found Kristen great company; funny, bright, engaging and best of all happy and grounded. We talked about her work, including her first foray into directing, how she overcame anxiety and her love for her girlfriend- who she told me is not, nor has ever been her personal assistant! Read the full story in ELLE’s redesigned September issue on sale August 3.”

Ghostbusters success will be decided in the next few days. It’s box office run has been moderately successful in its own right, but the large budget ($144m) may jeopardise the possibility of sequels and the limited foreign gross (it is not being released in China due to thematic content) mean Sony may not decide to pursue a franchise. That, quite frankly, would be a travesty.

The story is not over yet and there is some much you can do to improve the chances of future instalments. Go and watch the film again and take as many friends as you can, buy/stream the soundtrack and purchase merchandise (a lot of revenue comes through this and will show the cross-over appeal of the film), share positive reviews that will hopefully encourage other people to watch it, be positive with your words to others, pre-order the film for its home media release. Do everything you can to show Sony that audiences want the Ghostbusters franchise (and prove the naysayers wrong in the meantime).

How the film holds up with confirm how successful this film (and potential franchise will be). It’s a progressive blockbuster that will help pave the way for female-led blockbusters. Do all you can to make Ghostbusters a success.

The Dust Storm

I had no idea what else to title this.

Post in continuation(ish) of this. x 

So, I just want to start this off by saying, I wasn’t sure about posting this. I went back n forth after the party and all day yesterday wondering, mostly because I was not sure whether I needed permission or not. These are all stories about Colin and the making of a movie that is not released to the general public yet that were told to me from the goodness of Ryan Lacen (director/screenwriter/producer), Anthony Baldino (director/producer) and Nikolas Geerken (composer(?))’s hearts.

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