If we were created in your own image then how can you stand the sight of yourself?

FROM THE VAULT: Ken Arkind - “God Box” (CUPSI 2014)

Ken Arkind, performing during the Penmanship Books reading at the 2014 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational. Want captions on all videos? Multilingual subtitles? A nationwide Button tour? Check us out on Patreon!

Miranda Lambert has released a large amount of music on her new album The Weight of These Wings: 24 songs over two CDs. Lambert had been working on the album for about a year, and released it without much advance notice. It’s giving listeners a lot to absorb. Rock critic Ken Tucker has a review:

“In the past, Lambert has been more rowdy in her music, more eager to shake up preconceived country-music notions of how women think and behave when they’ve been wronged. On a new song here called ‘Tin Man,’ Lambert sings, ‘If you ever felt one breakin’, you’d never want a heart.’ The last line of ‘Runnin’ Just in Case’ is ‘There’s freedom in a broken heart.’”