▪ “Not according to keikaku!”
▪ “What I’m supposed to do in this situation?”
▪ “Okay, I’m not gay.”
▪ “What is this warm, fuzzy feeling inside of my chest?”
▪ “Hmm, I think I still have pudding at home.”
▪ “Did he forget about V14?”
▪ “I must protect this smile.”
▪ “A pillow and a blanket is all I need.”
▪ “This boy is my son, he is so precious and deserves everything.”
▪ “What does it mean?”
▪ “Why did I forget my camera at home?”
▪ “So fucking done…”
▪ “Conceal, don’t feel!”
▪ “This chair is so uncomfortable. My butt hurts.”

😆💞 Best Papa.

A Commander 2016 Design Story

“That right there is a Ken Nagle card if I’ve ever seen one.” Commander enthusiast Scott Larabee interjected during our slideshow of the set. It was the best compliment I think I’ve ever received on one of my designs. You see Ken is famous for making sets full of big splashy creatures that make commander players happy.

“Thank you so much! That’s actually a card I designed.” I beamed.

“Uh no.” Ben Hayes the lead developer of Commander 2016 corrected me. “The card you made was an abomination.”

And it’s true. Here’s the original card I designed:

Time Dragon


Creature – Dragon



Whenever Time Dragon goes to the graveyard from anywhere you may pay 2U. If you do, exile Time Dragon and each player shuffles his or her hand and graveyard into his or her library, then draws seven cards.

It turns out that there’s an easy way to both discard your hand and get three mana in eternal formats with Lion’s Eye Diamond.

Thankfully the updated card still delivers everything I liked about the original while giving red a way to refill its hand in the mid to late game.

Here’s the final version that will be in Commander 2016 (note the image is from an internal alpha build of Magic Online):

You can find this beauty and other select cards from both Commander 2016 Edition and Conspiracy Take the Crown will be available through Magic Online Treasure Chests starting November 16.