Yes, No, Maybe: chapter 3 (touken fanfic au)

Summary: Human AU. Touka has everything she could possibly need: she’s engaged to her charming fiancé, Haise, and enjoys a remotely happy life inside Tokyo. But her world turns upside down once her heart rekindles dead flames towards the cold and dangerous Kaneki, Haise’s younger brother. BlackReaper/Touka.

Rating: M // Words: 12,801 words 😱  // Warnings: SMUT. Toxic relationships. Infidelity topics. Ugly words. Angst. Some chair kicking and abusive/disturbing scenes from Kaneki’s mother.

Chapter summary: Touka and Kaneki spend some charity time together under unexpected circumstances. Haise and Touka have a fight.

A/N: Honestly, I was feeling a little worried about making this chapter this long, but the truth is that (apart from having everything planned for this one..) I don’t know when I’m going to update the next chapter. I’ll be working on a touken baby fanfic that I hope I can post soon and then I have to write Longing for Sex, so I’m afraid we won’t have a YNM chapter in a while. The next chapter for this one is going to be very, VERY important since it’ll be a flashback during their teenage years, and it will reveal the “high school” incident that they’re constantly mentioning & that is super important for their relationship. So I rather leave you guys with a long chapter to compensate the waiting for the next update. As always, any comments in the tags, or in my asbox, is deeply appreciated as well as reblogs, likes, any type of feedback, especially now due to the shitty best stuff first update 😭 so if you liked it, please let me know 🙏 till next time! 

Preview Ch3: Dead Cigarettes on the Floor.

“You know why,” she speaks slowly, pronouncing every word with ease so that stupid brain of his can process them and actually remember them. She won’t say it again. “Don’t act like you care.”

She looks away, resuming her bad habits, the cig getting smaller and smaller in her fingers. It’s too late for that, her heart whispers.

“You’re right,” he responds, throwing his cigarette to the ground to take another from his pocket, using his lighter to turn it on. “I don’t care.”

Touka stops breathing. She wasn’t expecting a different answer, however, it still hurts her that he’s so indifferent to everything.

It hurts.

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So does this mean

that no one managed to dig the legendary OEG out of his kakuja, 100 years ago?

Does this mean that the body and kakuhou from which that huge kakuja originated is still somewhere inside? As in…

there is a very old person inside that thing???

Max Praise On

As frustrated as I am with ALL the characters in this episode I am fucking stoked that all characters are showing realistic responses to their  situations.

I’m frustrated that Dirk won’t get the fuck up off the floor. But this is realistic considering his exposure to Priest, seeing an innocent person die - AGAIN - and his building breakdown.

I’m frustrated that Todd left Dirk in the grass before doubling back. But this is realistic considering his priority has always been Amanda and he truly thinks getting to Wendimoor is the way to get to her.

I’m frustrated that Ken said the Projects were the priority, not innocent bystanders. But this is realistic considering he has been trapped in a taxi for a month, is trying to assist the “interconnectedness” - which he has already equated to a “godly” power - and is trying to take control from Friedkin.

This is GOOD frustration. This is tension built from characters, acting as characters should. It’s bloody irritating, but it’s correct. It’s gorgeous.

Thank you, Max. For actual characters that make me want to pull my goddamn hair out <3

TG:re chapter 150 be like

Kimi: I’m going to tell you irrelevant stuff about kagune we already know about, I’m a ghoul expert I swear

Juuzou: I nearly wiped out all these ghouls yesterday but I’ll just listen to other people telling me what to do, as always

Touka: It’s a good thing Hinami and Yomo didn’t die or I might not have been able to forgive the CCG, how convenient

Amon: I don’t actually give a fuck about ghouls but I’m going to pretend that I do

Ayato: I heard Suzuya over there was close to holding Hinami’s decapitated head, I’ll just forget that ever happened

Ui: Oh look there’s Tsukiyama over there who I have unfinished business with, never mind that I just want Hairu back

Shuu: Stop telling me about Karren Chie, I’m too busy worshipping Kaneki

Hinami: Oh it’s Mado and Suzuya, this is fine *Internally screaming*

Miza: These fuckers killed Naki, oh well let’s go digging, reminds me of the old times with the Blades

Mougan: If I had Higher Mind I would’ve disintegrated all these ghouls, but the plot demands otherwise

Marude: I’m not working with ghouls *2 seconds later* Let’s work with ghouls

Hide: Why will this operation work? Because I’m Hideyoshi fucking Nagachika and I waited 150 chapters to become relevant again