Chapter 118

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Kaneki’s and Seidou’s conversation

Just seconds ago, I pointed out the similar statements Hirako and Kaneki made, but for cracktheory’s sake, I think the parallel might be even bigger than I initially thought.

Here Hirako speculates that Arima felt a connection to Hirako, but that Arima at this point, decided to entrust the Garden children to him, which he, in his honour, very much did. 

And here we have Kaneki giving Amon’s chain that was handed to him seconds ago back to Seidou.

Not only does he mention that Seidou and he are indeed similar, but that he wants Seidou to live, to give him a purpose. This could not only implicate Kaneki’s death wish once again and his inner detachment of his role that Eto and Arima carefully crafted (just as Arima’s detachment of his role as the CCG’s ultimate weapon that V, Sunlit Garden and the CCG crafted), but the fact that he entrusts Amon and Akira to Seidou as well. Who knows, maybe not just them. 

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What do you think that Touka and Kaneki's plot line will lead up to?

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…Or so we can hope ;)

But in all seriousness, Kaneki did promise to talk with Touka after the Lab Raid, and I get the feeling this is going to happen in Chapter 120, with 118 and 119 dealing with events in the CCG and Akiramon. Why 120? Well, we just had a parallel to the original series’ Kanou’s Lab arc, and a second Anteiku raid has been set up with Takeomi - what major moment between Kaneki and Touka happened between those two arcs in the first manga? 

The confrontation on the bridge in Chapter 120. So mark the 8th April on your calendars, everyone.

Now that they’re both roughly in the same place on the Ghoul/Human spectrum, effective communication between the two of them is looking more and more likely. Kaneki has never been a very open person - Hide was about the only person he opened up to, and that stopped completely when he became a Ghoul. But that’s a trait he and Touka share. She hated for people to see her insecurities and weaknesses, so she covered it up with aggression in an overt display of strength. 

But given how they’ve both matured, I think this conversation will go very differently from the last one. The Amon/Touka conversation we had last chapter hints through Amon at the reason for Kaneki’s own reluctance to talk, but when the talk happens he might be finally convinced to open up about all of the fear, guilt and self-doubt he’s been harbouring. As for Touka, she’ll talk about being left behind by Arata and Ayato and express her will to fight alongside him instead of being protected all the time. Romantic or not, (and given all the sudden canonisations of ships in the latest arc, I’m actually pretty confident in the former), Kaneki and Touka will leave the encounter closer and with clearer consciences. The last encounter ended dramatically with a fight - to mirror that, I think this time around we might get a hug at the very least.

But themes and characters aside, how does this tie into the main plot? Because in the upcoming CCG raid on :re, Touka will be placed in severe danger. Kaneki failed to save the old manager, but will he be able to save the new one? Having finally reached a mutual understanding with her, just like he did with Yoshimura by hearing his story, the stakes will be all the higher. Kaneki and Touka themselves make a nice little parallel for Kuzen and Ukina too - a ghoul and a human who met at a coffee shop and became entangled in each other’s worlds.

The raid on :re will be a delicious opportunity for tragedy for Ishida, and that art with Touka in funereal clothes with Kaneki’s mask leaves me more than a little wary for our main’s safety. However, I see :re as Kaneki being given a chance by the author to do his story again, and to make sure that it’s not a tragedy this time around - a :rewrite, if you will. He’s already made a lot of mistakes on the way but I think we ought to have faith, as Touka did, that he will always be able to return to Anteiku.