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Do you think Touka may know about what Kaneki told Seidou? That he's empty inside and his OEK role it's his chain to hold on to not to die? I was thinking maybe it'll be brought up on their talk...

Hey Anon! Ah, I reblogged a lot of good posts about Kaneki’s words in the new chapter but, to make things simple, I’d say that if Touka asked for a talk…

besides the fact that she didn’t like being left behind in the previous arc, there is a high chance that she said that because she feels that things aren’t like they used to be.

Basically, it’s all about what she said to Amon:

Initially, :Re didn’t have to be Kaneki’s new home because Touka didn’t even want him back into the ghoul world…

but after the events of Cochlea, things simply unfolded that way and Kaneki found himself joining :Re and living there, but Touka’s words to Tsukiyama still apply because Kaneki being back into the ghoul world isn’t helping him with solving all his issues.

So Touka might have a slight idea of how Kaneki feels because she does understand him well, but to say that she grasps how completely empty he feels…

Well, I’m not sure she would be 100% aware of how much he needs help.

If she is aware of it though, it must be very hard for her and that might be why she left him some space, even though she asked for a talk in ch104: after all Kaneki is depressed, he wanted to die a few volumes ago, and while he might have found a reason to stay alive (thanks to Hide and Arima giving him a purpose -> to fix the world), that doesn’t mean he found a reason to live and a reason to want to live into this new world he’s trying to build. 

TL;DR I think we will know what Touka is aware of the moment they will actually talk, but considering that she’s one of the few characters who really understand Kaneki, I wouldn’t be surprised if she herself feared that talk and didn’t really know how to start it, seeing as Kaneki just isn’t doing okay.

I hope it helps! Have a nice weekend Anon!

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can we please have some more kaneko au life? btw, your OCs. your OCs are HOT. so hot my face burned when I looked at them

omg..THANK U so much! ;0; and yES here u go..a lil doodle! i can’t believe kanekos almost a year old. (prayin we get another doodle this year :”D esp if it’s w tsukiyama!) 

VIXX as animal gifs


Hakyeon (N) (featuring the rest of VIXX):

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Hongbin (Don’t even ask me why, it’s just really him):

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Unpopular opinion: touka Acknowledged shironeki's change, she just couldn't accept the destruction that was causing him(losing himself slowly). Sadly, it obviously came out wrong when she tried to voice it out due to her old miscommunications issues.

Hm, well Touka was certainly worried for his safety during that time, but I’m sure that a lot of her frustration came specifically from how Shironeki treated her. 

Kaneki abandoning her for the sake of protecting her really rubs her up the wrong way, because Arata did the same thing (albeit his death was unintentional, but he still disappeared from her life) and so did Ayato (becoming stronger in Aogiri to protect her). It’s extremely patronising and she rightfully resents it since it always leads to loved ones causing her pain because they don’t think she can handle herself. 

So she does resent Kaneki’s new persona on that front, but you’re right in pointing out that she also wants to stop him from walking down a self-destructive path - the Ghoul’s path, a path she’s walked on herself before.

This is Touka ‘Let’s bring the fight to the Doves!” Kirishima talking here, after all.

She was mad at Shironeki both because he was hurting her and because he was hurting himself. She was totally justified in all she did on the bridge - true, it was delivered in a very, uhm, Touka way, but that’s precisely what wakes Kaneki up to the ridiculousness of his overprotectiveness of her. Let’s not forget, if the Anteiku raid hadn’t happened when it did, Kaneki would have come back to Anteiku and his tragedy would have hit the pause button. Still reeling from the death of Arima, Kaneki’s slipped back into ‘protective’ mode recently, but Touken talk 2.0 should fix that right up.