How would Kamenashi Kazuya use a chair? part 2

Yamada: a normal person would use it like this…but Kamenashi-kun will be on this side

HSJ: not from the back?



Yamada: I really hope Kamenashi-kun doesn’t see this.


Last year’s How would Kamenashi Kazuya use a chair? part 1

Boyfriend Keito
  • A fluffball
  • It would take so long for your relationship to start
  • He would be really nervous around you, probably barely speaking but staring at you longingly when you’re not looking
  • Everyone would be frustrated and just want him to confess already
  • Eventually, someone would burst and just tell you he likes you so you can act on it
  • When you tell him you know he’d just panic and start rambling, and honestly, it’s probably the most you’ve heard him talk
  • When you tell him you like him back he’d stop his rambling and just stare at you with the biggest smile on his face
  • He’d be a bit awkward at the start of your relationship but he’d slowly get more comfortable 
  • Sends you long texts even when he’s still in the awkward stage 
  • He uses texts to say things he’s too nervous to say to you in person 
  • A great listener
  • Would want you to confide in him whenever you had problems 
  • He’d be a bit nervous when initiating skinship, but once he’s done something once he would easily be able to do it again
  • Long hugs
  • Almost always holds your hand when you guys are out, especially when in a busy area 
  • Would buy you a small gift from each town he goes to on tour
  • He’d give them all to you at once when the tour’s finished and tell you any episodes that happened 
  • Comfortable silences
  • Staring into each other’s eyes at random times until one of you starts giggling 
  • He would ask Yamada and Chinen for relationship advice and just end up getting teased, but they’d give it to him eventually 
  • Just wants to be a great boyfriend so he’d ask them a lot and they both just ??? “You’re doing fine, Keito, chill”
  • Keito inviting YamaChii to hang out with you and YamaChii mysteriously disappearing sometimes to give you guys “alone time” they’re hiding and watching from the sidelines
  • Always there for you
  • Cooking together, even if it doesn’t always go as planned it’d always be fun
  • Lazy days where you binge watch your favourite shows together
  • He’d take awhile to warm up to you, but Keito would be a very caring boyfriend!

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Finally this anime will be stage play!!

I really like this anime, and I’ve been waiting this show to be a stage play, and now it’s come true!!

here’s the cast list!

the first two main character, Jyugo and Uno

Akazawa Tomoru as Jyugo

Alrigt, I didn’t expected this, but I think Tomoru will be suitable for Jyugo, because Tomoru is cute and jyugo is…well kind of cute on the anime series LoL XDD

Kitazono Ryo as Uno

Ryokun will be my favorite character, Uno!! For God shake, I’ve been imagining him as Uno sice I watch the series, and now it’s come true!!
he got the stylish character, the most stylish one (well I think Uno is the most stylish character over the other) XDD

Then number three and four main character Rock and Nico

Shiozaki Airu as Rock

I know it! Airu is more than suitable as Rock since he voiced him in the anime series, and he has cosplayed as Rock before, really, no one can beat him for this one

Next is

Yasukawa Junpei as Nico

Well, I don’t know much about him except he is from Tenimyu member (I’m sorry)

and the rest is

Gomoto naoya as Sugoroku Hajime

Kimeru as Kiji Mitsuba

and Okuyama Keito as Tanabata Seitaro

Hey! Say! Jump | Over The Top PV 

 In true Hey! Say! Jump style, with amazing choreography! and their very own “Formation Change” choreography style. I really enjoyed this song! its an opening for an anime, and I really felt its something anyone can enjoy! It has that very addictive beat! and it just makes you want to dance! I can’t wait to see it live! I know it will be explosive!

Happy 10th anniversary Hey! Say! Jump 🎉 this single is a really an apt 1st single for their 10th year!