[NEWS] 161024 Kim Junsu to hold year-end solo concert in December “Japan Tour is also in order”

Kim Junsu’s year-end concert will continue this year too.

C-JeS Entertainment, on October 24th, stated, “Kim Junsu expects to hold his year-end solo concert, spent together with fans at the end this year, too, at Jamsil Indoor Stadium for two days on December 10th and 11th”.

Continuing they said, “This performance where Kim Junsu –who’s become a see-it-to-believe-it actor as a singer, as a loved vocalist, as a musical actor– will be presenting his own ballad, OST, musical numbers together with an orchestra has been passionately loved at the end of the year, every year. The first ticket open will be held via MelOn Ticket on October 28th at 2 PM [KST]”.

Presented first in 2012, Kim Junsu’s Ballad & Musical Concert and the special stage setup conducted every year, of course, has continued for 5 years amid praises calling it a banquet of harmony created by a full orchestra and Kim Junsu as an all-live. The performance this year has become known to be a time where, for the past 6 years, Kim Junsu covers gem-like numbers with on a musical stage that was presented.

The representative stated, “The performances this time will have Director Kim Moon-jung –who’s undertaken musical ‘Dorian Gray’’s compositions– holding the baton and keeping in tune with Kim Junsu once again. The orchestra & live band, and musical ‘Dorian Gray’ ensemble and Kim Junsu are expected to give a super-exclusive concert with a wide array of emotions. Before we knew it, they are in the middle of preparing performances that cannot compare with the previous performances, as much as it has been welcomed the five times. We hope you look very much forward to it”.

Meanwhile Kim Junsu’s year-end concert is slated to be held starting in Seoul in December and up to a Japan tour.

Source: Newsen
Translation by: rilanna of JYJ3
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Why do I love Junsu? His strength makes me strong too.

Junsu is the strongest person I’ve ever met. This person struggled so much, had hard times, but was always smiling. He spent almost half of his life making us proud and happy. Even now, when Junsu is already on the top, he is still working hard to be even better. I think that he will never give up, and no one will ever beat his passion or talent. I’m really grateful to him, he showed me that hard work is always worth something. ♡

[1986.12.15] Happy Birthday Junsu ♡