“I never loved this word “Youtuber”, which is a word that’s thrown around a lot. Don’t get me wrong I love YouTube as a platform, it’s unbelievable. It’s given us everything really. But I don’t like this idea of being limited to a platform. Or even just spending too much time worrying about the platform. I feel that as filmmakers and creatives we should just create. And wherever’s the best way to put that out, whatever’s the best platform, just use that. But don’t worry too much about names, or sides, because it shouldn’t matter.”


almost every shinee promo has some sort of story with some sort of easter egg sprinkled here and there:

  • the misconceptions albums are all connected to tell a love story
  • sherlock is the intro to the misconceptions album
  • taemin throwing away his old skateboard in his solo
  • jonghyun’s solo may be the continuation or explanation of taemin’s solo?
  • both taemin’s and jonghyun’s logo own the same font and pattern
  • adding one more side to taemin’s logo makes jonghyun’s logo
  • all of this could be connected to an overall new logo to shinee as a group as if part of them is alwasy connected to shinee


Cuéntame de qué lado de la cama mi ausencia se vuelve un abismo, en qué rincón de tu casa los recuerdos son un campo minado, en cuál cicatriz del corazón te duele más el olvido.  Cuéntame.

Sanddy García


Asianfanfics: Drunk
Be warned, “keep reading” is dangerous.
Part 2: Alcoholic Sincerity

Silently sitting on the sofa inside Hoseok’s house while watching a horror movie is something comfortable to do with him especially when his parents are out like now however you can’t hear any of Hoseok’s girly screams and girly gestures like before as you watch the dreadful scenes getting played. You took a guess, his eyes are on the television but you knew his mind is somewhere else as he gulps continuously on his eleventh can of alcohol while his eyes narrowed on the screen.

For you, you can’t even focus on yourself or the movie since Hoseok is acting weird. He would normally turn down alcoholic drinks when you try to recommend them for the reason that he doesn’t drink or he hates it but now, he’s probably the one who bought it. “Hope, are you okay?” You asked him as softly as you can, calling out his nickname that you had given him, trying your best to not irritate him but you got no answer after a few seconds.

A deep sigh escaped your lips as you stared back at the television screen, understanding that Hoseok needs some personal space and a friend needs to give it to him if needed. As the movie progresses, you still can’t feel the hype but you could feel Hoseok’s piercing gaze that made you look at him as you raise a brow as an automatic response of bare curiousness to his actions.

An eye contact is being held between the two of you and as soon as you felt the atmosphere getting awkward since no one’s talking, you made an attempt to look away and turn your head back to the screen however before you could do it fully your face is held by his hand stopping you from your movement. Before you could even ask him what’s the matter, a wave of nervousness crept inside you when you realized that Hoseok is too close that you could smell the scent of the alcohol filling your nose, too close for the liking of your trembling heart.

Hoseok stared at your eyes gently then his sight went down on your lips. He bit his lips ever so seductively while eyeing yours before his brown eye stared at yours again. He places some strand of your hair behind your ear while you just sat there, breathless at his mere presence. Hoseok pressed his lips against yours gently, you’re eyes widened in slight shock knowing that Hoseok is a gentle man; he must’ve been consumed by the liquor to make him do such bold actions.

Not going to lie, deep inside you, you liked it, like it so much that you want for more but Hoseok being Hoseok instantly filled your conscience with guilt, you should not take advantage of him just because he’s drunk even if deep inside you it’s hard to stop the longing and lingering feeling for him. “Hoseok,” you whispered between his kisses before slightly pushing him away against your will.

“You’ll regret it,” you say as you look at him in the eyes, searching for his real intentions but you found none except of his caring stare that you have always loved. “How do you know if we won’t try?” Hoseok asked boldly. “Hope, you’re just saying this because you’re drunk,” you tried to make him understand but he just smirked at you. “No,” he stated plainly. “Hoseok, I said no, you’ll regret it,” you replied. “Then I shall regret it but you must make me regret first,” he said. “Why would I make y–?” Hoseok’s lips sealed your before you could even respond.

His eyes are closed. He slowly worked his lips against yours and you can’t help but fall right into his spell just by looking at his face with closed eyes and lips that is kissing you so passionately slowly drawing you into his trap. Hoseok dropped the can he had been holding all this time to let both his hand cup your face, trying to deepen the kiss. Moments later, you just find yourself kissing him back, knowing that he may regret it later you just can’t stop.

Hoseok pushed you back on the sofa so he may be able to top you, he settled himself in between your legs as he lets his other hand part your thighs before he rubs it teasingly trying to turn you on. If he only knows, his kiss is enough to get you soaked down there and his hands are not helping at all. He continues to brush his lips against yours, his left hand on the side of your face for support as he kisses you while his right hand starts to play with the buttons of your shirt, tugging them a bit.

“Open your mouth,” he instructs softly and you did as you were told. Opening your mouth for him, he wastes no second to shove his wet tongue inside your mouth to feel your hot cavern. His tongue slides down your teeth to the roof your mouth before his tongue glides against yours making you moan in the kiss, your breath hitching every now and then.

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