right in the feels
I do ship destiel as many other fans but I think it’s wrong to hate on jensen because he’s telling the TRUTH. It’s like telling a child that santa isn’t real. Jensen doesn’t deserve this and I’m not angry and disappointed at all although I always shipped destiel. Dean loves cas just as much as he loves Sam, they’re family. I just think that some of us want to see this because of the special bond between dean and cas you know cas gave everything up for dean and that shows how much he must love him. Same did dean for cas. But this show isn’t about romance or anything like that it’s about friendship and FAMILY. If you have a different opinion then it’s your problem but it’s not ok to treat jensen like that because he just answered the question that he was asked.

Think I Broke Dad

Klaus x Daughter!Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: drunk reader

“Where is she?” Klaus snapped and you swore under your breath, stuffing the boy that was hiding in your room into your closet as he burst in.

“What did I tell you, not to do last night?” He snapped and you pretended to be thing, rolling your eyes when he realised you were hiding someone in your closet. “you out before I kill you, and you… you are grounded for at least a hundred years.”

“Okie doki.” You sighed and waited for him to go into his painting room before you slipped out of your bedroom window and hurried to the party you were late for.

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