Which part of your body do you wash first when you shower?

Jae: Y’all….I don’t wanna know

MC: I mean you could do your head first then your shoulders-

Jae: Oh, so we lyin?

MC: No no-

Jae: NO NO IT’S OKAY IT’S OKAY So I start from my hair and then shampoo all the way down. Yeah we good we good
*pauses for a second*

MC: I think we kind of get what that means

Guys I just got done with hi touch I’m shaking

It wasn’t so much a high five but a handshake and the order for me was Dowoon, Jae(!!!) Youngk Wonpil and Sungjin

Dowoon was so cute and sweet. I think he said hi idk I’m a mess rn and because I’m dumb I did this weird thing where I sort of held his hand but I was so awkward about it.

Jae was really attentive. The only way I can explain it is that it looked like he cared so much. And even from when I was lining up I could see him nodding and smiling he was great.

Same with Youngk he was smiling too. And I remember this because his smile is amazing and it killed me to see it up close. Not gonna lie I might be becoming a youngk stan

Wonpil was cute as always. and he looked so good too up close words cannot explain

Sungjin was just really into it. He said hi and seemed so happy and I was so close to him and I wanted to cry and he was really goofy too. I told him I loved him and said thank you

All I really said was I love you too all of them so there’s really not much to say but I’m still so happy and in shock the concert was amazing

SFW Alphabet Donghan

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This is dedicated to @/ukulelewrites since she’s always complaining there isn’t enough Donghan content on tumblr.

A - AU (Random AU here, so like domestic, prince, vampire, etc.)

I almost made it vampire, single father, boyfriend, or husband Donghan but didn’t, so shameless self promo right here. I see Donghan as a prince!AU(probably gonna write one now), he’s that prince that was born into it but hates it. He just wants to dance and be normal, but being of noble name he can’t. He would sneak out of the castle and visit a nearby town, dressing in commoners clothing and using a fake name. It was in the town he met you, a kind inn keeper who let him rent an extra room you had, you didn’t question his obviously fake name as long as he paid the rent on time. The room was only even used at night, when he’d arrive, but he’d always be gone by morning. Weeks passed, and the two got to know each other, but Donghan still hadn’t told you he was a prince. He probably wouldn’t tell you either, until he has to, since his parents found out he was sneaking out at night and sent a guard to follow him and find out where he was going to at night. His parents would force him to tell you he was a prince, hoping it would kill anything feelings between the two of you, but it doesn’t work.

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