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holtzbert for the otp thingy lol

lmao my loves 

  • Drinks all of the coffee- erin??? she lives off the stuff?? holtz is kinda meh abt it cause her pick me ups are like 2 cylinders of pringles and gummy worms which makes erin frown and take them away bc her girlfriend is going to clog her arteries 
  • Brings up adopting a pet- holtz. because one time while dumpster diving for new/old parts for her machines she found a stray cat and like it was nothing she brought it to the firehouse. erin screamed when she felt it rub up against her leg affectionately under the table but instantly fell in heart eyes with it. (it was a tabby and they appropriately named it abby. much to said abby’s protest. ) 
  • Kills the bugs- both. except erin is partial to cockroaches and like jumps on tables to get away from them. holtz doesn’t mind them bc they’re so chill abt her nuclear radiation. “babe. holtz. no, we can’t also have pet cockroaches”
  • Cooks the meals- both?? except last time they tried to cook together holtz used a blowtorch to cook bacon and erin swears yes it tasted good but no because abby (the cat) nearly got set on fire
  • Starts getting into holidays way before they should- erin!!! she basically wears christmas sweaters in the summer!! knits them for the whole team!!! places chocolate in inconspicuous places on easter for the girls to find!!! holtzmann loves it so much, she love love loves how much erin gets into them 
  • Initiates the couple selfies- both of them because when they hashtag it on instagram as ‘just gals being pals’ the internet loses their shit 
  • Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries- holtz mainly bc she’ll be so intent on her new project but erin doesn’t really blame her bc even her own mathematical equations keep her up at night. sometimes they BOTH forget and it isn’t until patty pops her head in like ‘guys haven’t you been together for four years now?” them: “oh yeah” but they cherish the anniversaries so so much and make up for it. birthdays they never forget. 
  • Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: both!!! but erin has to be the token Mum again. “holtz, it’s humanely impossible to consume that many sugary foods” “Erin, watch me”
  • Nicknames the other- both!! holtz calls erin ‘ez’ sometimes when they’re lazing around and casually working together. erin calls her ‘holtz’ or ‘babe’ rarely jill or jillian (unless she set something on fire again) one time erin let ‘honey’ slip and patty wouldn’t. let. her. live. it. DOWN. 

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CARTINELLI, for the ship thing yo


Drinks all of the coffee- peggy. but this is ONLY after angie got her hooked on coffee bc “english tea ain’t caffeinated ur lying to yourself” peggy: “:/”
Brings up adopting a pet- angie!!! she brings home puppies that she finds on the street near the L&L. and whenever jarvis picks her up from work he always like raises an eyebrow because “miss martinelli that’s the fourth puppy this week”
Kills the bugs- peggy for sure but one time a mouse ran across the kitchen and angie was cooking dinner and was suddenly with an arm full of peggy screaming. angie will NEVER let her live it down. 
Cooks the meals- both!! except i think we can all agree peggy SUCKS at cooking. angie makes amazing dinners (curtesy of sometimes having to fill in as chef at work and also her italian roots) but peggy can make nice brownies and baked goods and angie loves it so much. big badass peggy carter with an apron making cookies. angie asks for a camera from howard for christmas JUST to take a photo of that
Starts getting into holidays way before they should- ANGIE!!!! makes peggy go out like a month early with her to buy christmas trees. peggy always begrudgingly goes but its adorable when angie’s eyes light up at all the lights and display trees
Initiates the couple selfies- well this is the 1940′s. but the camera howard brought angie is like super super expensive so its not really couple photos but just angie snapping unsuspecting beautiful pictures of peggy. i.e. sun in her hair as she gardens, when she sleeps at her desk etc. angie loves them
Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries- can we not……get into……peggy’s alzheimer’s. PLEASE. but lets ignore that and its mostly peggy bc of work but she makes it up for it like 10X the amount bc angie is always a sad puppy when she forgets. 
Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: angie for sure but peggy has a sweet tooth so they both end up overloading 
Nicknames the other: angie!!! duh we have the classic “english” but she also says “pegs” and “babe”. peggy calls angie “darling” and “sweetheart” and “ang” and they’re so cute and dumb and fucbefndsx i miss them 

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Onko sulla kertoa kivoja elämänohjeita? :> (idk lasketaanko tää tohon anon-postiin sopivaks mutta lasketaan ny jooko kummiskin?)

Juokse mieluummin jäätelöauton perässä kuin ihmisten perässä. Jäätelöautosta saa jäätelöä, mutta karkuun juoksevilta ihmisiltä saa vain pettymyksiä.

Toisekseen, tasapainoa ei voi ikinä löytää ellei horju ensin, eikä yhtäkään mestariteosta ole maalattu ilman, että tekijällä on joutunut maalia kalsareihin ja nenänpäähän.

the ja//sper discourse is pissing me off, there’s a difference between abuse and reactionary abuse that comes out of defending yourself in a bad relationship (be it friendship, romantic, familial, etc) like stop!! stop acting like jas//per and lapi//s were equals and were equally bad. some people are just BAD!!! some people just DONT redeem themselves!!! maybe jas//per is one of those people!!!