Hei, mikä ois hyvä keskel yötä ennen kouluviikkoo?? Piirrä animesarjan hahmot niiku paskassa suomalaisessa flash-animoidussa poliisisarjassa, ku se ois ihan VITUN HAUSKAA ja melkeen muut ku suomalaiset ymmärtää!

Vittu ONE, miksi tyylisi on niin Pasilamainen, melkeen ois ollu Filmiteollisuus Fine ollu parempi Mob Psycho 100 tuottamaan, ettei ois tarvinnu Bonesia vaivata. 

In English:
Mob Psycho 100 manga style suddenly reminded me a lot of about Finnish flash cartoon about Pasila’s police (google Pasila cartoon, if you want to know more). Too much, so of course I did the most sensible thing in the middle of the night AND DREW IT.  

Since I saw a lot gifs of Vladimir Alekno here, I have to share short story about meeting with him in Katowice on Mecz Gwiazd Siatkowki.
There were meeting with volleyball stars where you can take an autograph and take a photo with them. I saw Alekno and I was like “I must that photo with this man!” I was carring flag of Serbia with myself (because I met my Serbs (Grbić, Lisinac and Ivović)) so I decide to turn around Serbian flag and there would be Russian. I came to him and he saw that was flag of Serbia because there was our coat of arms and I said to him “Oh it’s Serbian flag, but you know it’s the same, Serbs and Russians brothers! And then he said: ”Да, да братья!“ (eng: "Yes, yes brothers!”), he smiled and we took a photo! So he actually made my day! He maybe looks rude but he is so kind! (ps sorry for bad english and thanks for reading my bullshits :D)

A Monster Calls

Alternative poster for A Monster Calls (Un Monstruo Viene a Verme), a film by J.A. Bayona.

Digitally painted, assembled and textured in Photoshop, using promo pictures as reference and photos for textures and background.

More info: http://lauraracero.com/portfolio/a-monster-calls-un-monstruo-viene-a-verme/