Seeing people call Infinite​ underrated just rubs me the wrong way. Infinite are not underrated! They were one of the most popular groups back in 2011-2015. They were actually huge and their international fan base was HUMUNGOUS. (I’m not exaggerating) They’re Korean fandom was and is still huge. They may not be as big as they were in the past, but please stop calling them underrated. They’re actually now categorized as one of the most legendary and respected groups in Kpop so please stop calling them underrated. Infinite is one of the groups who revolutionized the Kpop genre so please stop undermining their achievements by calling them underrated.

Notti infinite aspettando quell'alba che non sorgerà.
—  Ogni Maledetto Giorno, MOSTRO
Takahiro Sakurai, Kenichi Suzumura y Souma Saitou se unen al reparto del Anime Infini-T Force.

El Anime se estrenará en octubre.

Desde el AnimeJapan 2017 han anunciado el sábado a tres nuevos miembros del reparto de la próxima adaptación a Anime “totalmente en 3DCG” del Manga Infini-T Force ~Mirai no Byousen~ de Ukyou Kodachi. El Anime se estrenará en octubre del 2017 en Japón.

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