December 5, 1940. “Joseph Mullen Inc., 18 E. 50th Street, New York. View from window.” Taking in the spires of St. Patrick’s Cathedral and, across Fifth Avenue, Rockefeller Center’s International Building at 45 Rockefeller Plaza. Large-format acetate negative by Gottscho-Schleisner. View full size.

I love Velma. I really do. But when I watched SDMI, I was really disappointed by how out of character, controlling and mean Velma was toward Shaggy. It was totally unlike her character and it felt like they honestly hated her so they made her into some character that only remotely resembled her. I love Mystery Inc, but I hate the way they ruined Velma’s character.

Shout out to kitty-kat-ty! I know she struggles a lot with english, and I know how hard it is to learn a language. Keep it up, you’re doing it great and I’m happy to see that you’re still here with us!


Happy birthday Kojuro!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, 21/10, it’s Katakura Kojuro birthday….. And well, he is, with Saizo, my favorite character in SLBP (ps: I don’t agree with all the daddy thing arround him o.o)

Katakura Kojuro, a character you can find in “Samurai Love Ballad Party”, an otome game of Voltage Inc.

Traditional art done with Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens

My draws


katakura kojuro x mc (misaki kasagi)

a/n: heard it was a certain samurai’s birthday, sooooo~

This is bad, he thinks. Very bad. For both of them—mostly him—and he can feel it getting worse.

There are scrolls all over his floor, books lying open with the pages bent and folded awkwardly, and she’s pressed up against his wall, pinned underneath him. The intentions were innocent—books were falling and he moved to shelter her—but now she’s looking up at him with a blush like wildfire and his heart is beating too loud to think. What is he supposed to do here? His feet won’t move.

“Uh—thank you, Lord Kojuro,” she manages, finally. Now would be the time that he ruffles her hair and says it’s fine and takes a step back, takes a deep breath, reminds himself that this—that she—is not…

Except, he can’t seem to move.

He’s not sure what about her is most captivating—her eyes or her mouth or her voice or her heat—but she’s right there in front of him and he feels that old, twisted desire clawing into his chest. His heart pounds loudly, his blood seems to scream out in desperation, and his honor is slipping like sand through his fingers. He knows what he wants to do, and that it is synonymous with what he shouldn’t do—

She blinks uncertainly up at him, and some part of him stirs halfway back to reality (a backwards half) and he leans closer, every breath more ragged and every beat of his heart aching more, his own selfishness reflected in her eyes.

She shies away, if only at the sudden movement, but she doesn’t ask him to leave her nor does she push him away, and the feelings that had been driving him mad suddenly drive him forward—

He kisses her. Maybe he shouldn't—or maybe he should, he’s not sure anymore, she’s intoxicating—but he does, anyway, and a part of him pipes up in affirmation that she is stronger than any sake he’s ever had and that maybe he should give that up in deference to this.

He encroaches a little more on her personal space, and she’s filling his lungs and, miracle of miracles, pulling him closer. Her hands are quickly added to the list of everything he loves about her, moving up in the ranks as she threads her fingers through his hair and uses it as leverage to keep his lips on hers. He keeps one hand on the wall because his knees are weak, but the other slips around her back and everything is pure adrenaline. He feels her heartbeat through her kimono and he loves her—he loves her, he loves her, the words ache in the sweetest way, and then he realizes his thoughts are slipping past his lips.

“I love you, too,” she breathes, somewhere between kisses, and the world stops for a brief moment. He pauses, pulls away, looks down at her as she gives him that same, earnest gaze he’s come to adore, and he feels as if he is looking at his own soul behind those dark honey eyes.

She holds my soul. Didn’t someone write that, once?

Her lips are parted and her eyes are gentle and Kojuro finds that he’s no longer spiraling out of control. He clears his throat, realizing again that there are responsibilities and duties that have nothing to do with kiss-swollen lips and racing heartbeats and the pink blush still spread across her cheeks.

“You know—” He begins, but his voice breaks and she only nods, once, a small, halcyon smile breaking over her face. Her hands on his cheeks are warm, her eyes sympathetic and gentle, and she takes her permanent residence in his heart when she smiles up at him.

“I know. I’ll wait.”

But I can’t, he thinks, more than a little desperate. He could be serving Lord Masamune for his entire life—could he wait that long to be with her, to give her all the things he knows she absolutely deserves in this world?

He is about to ask that very thing, but she runs her thumbs over his cheekbones and he realizes, looking into the quiet dark of her eyes, that it doesn’t matter. He would give his life just for a few seconds spent with her wrapped in this happiness—and the smile that spreads across her face tells him just the same. Dear girl…

And when he kisses her, now, it is sweet and full of aching promises that he won’t allow himself to break.


I’M LOVING SEASON 4!!!! I’ve just finished the first episode and I’m already getting emotional. Also excited because there’s a coming soon for Astraeus as well. I thought because there wasn’t a season 1 or 2 for him, they wouldn’t include it. Also all of the characters look older. I’m interested in seeing how they change

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Can I request a prompt No.11 on Akiyoshi Zaizen? ☺️

Hello! Ooh I’ve never written anything for Akiyoshi before. Here it is and I hope you enjoy it!

11. What the hell are you wearing?!

The zip glided effortlessly across the seam of the lacy black dress as though it were skating on ice.

You glanced in the direction of the mirror, not surprised by how stunning you looked, as vain as it sounded.

A smile formed in your reflection’s face, her lips red like a ripened apple, her eyes glowing with mischief, whilst she thought about how much fun she ought to have tonight.

A night out with the guys at Jinbuono, you thought casually, as you picked out a lovely pair of black high-heels. Should be fun.

Although, Akiyoshi had decided to be utterly boring, insisting on not coming due to his want to not be hungover tomorrow, for he planned on getting to work early to get on with a feature he’s been working on.

You pulled a face at the thought as you heard him outside of the bedroom, cautiously raising a hand to knock against the door.

“Are you honestly still getting dressed?” he called impatiently, his voice muffled by the nosy door. You rolled your eyes playfully, and adjusted the lower half of your dress as you called back to your boyfriend.

“Are you honestly not going to come out with me tonight?”. It wouldn’t be half as fun without him. There came no reply. “…Akiyoshi?-“.

“I told you, ____,” he started. “I can’t – and that’s final”. His reply was almost a growl, and you sighed but said nothing more, standing back, finally finished. “…Are you done yet?-“.

“Yes! Yes, I’m done,”. He waited a moment, as if unsure that you were telling the truth, before the door slipped open, and Akiyoshi walked in, wearing a casual grey t-shirt, his arms folded until his eyes finally came to rest on you and your ensemble, his neutral expression quickly transforming.

“What the hell are you wearing?!” he growled suddenly, almost making you jump.

You stood your ground – it was hard to argue with the fact that the dress you had picked out for tonight was a little far on the revealing side, with its cleavage-loving top, the missing material that exposed your back and the lace that was see through in some places.

In fact, you supposed that your boyfriend’s reaction was exactly what you had hoped for.

Feigning innocence, you glanced down at yourself and bit your lip in supposed confusion.

“I- I don’t understand,” you fibbed, batting your eyelashes slyly. “What’s the matter, Akiyoshi?”. You took a step towards him, and reached a hand out to touch his arm, your eyes imploring his own.

Akiyoshi was switched back into reality in an instant – like hell he would watch you leave in a dress like that, all by yourself. He didn’t even care whether he was falling for your trick, he just had to…

“That dress is inappropriate,” he stated coldly, looking away from you for a moment.


“And it’s much too cold to be wearing something like…”. He knew it was a mistake to let his eyes go wandering up and down your body, but it was too late, and a blush crept its way onto his cheeks as he looked away again. “That”.

You let out a soft laugh, letting go of his arm and standing back again, your hair falling across your exposed back and tickling your skin.

“Is that an order?” you teased, and his blush deepened as you laughed some more, finding him increasingly adorable.

I have to go with her, he thought to himself, strengthening his resolve at last.

“You know, I’ve actually changed my mind,” he began, realising that there was no way of saying it without it seeming very obvious. “I want to go with you”.

Okay, you were surprised – you didn’t really expect that Akiyoshi – The Growler – would put work on hold just for the sake of jealously, but life is full of surprises…

“Really?”. He frowned at the disbelief evident in your tone, and you stumbled slightly. “I- I mean-“.

“I’m coming with you,” he repeated, giving you a tight nod and leaving the room. A moment later he returned with your coat – a proper gentleman, you supposed – and suggested (ordered) that the two of you leave now.


Later on into the night, you were sat with the team at Jinbuono, a few drinks in by now, laughing at a joke you probably didn’t even hear, your cheeks flushed red in a flattering way that Akiyoshi, who simply sat with his arms folded, refusing any offer of a drink and instead sipping just water, couldn’t help but notice.

Despite Bianchi’s advances and the teasing from the guys, he had only watched your interactions, made the briefest small talk and just generally looked as though he wanted to punch everyone here in the face.

Especially that damn Minato, he thought coldly as he studied the way Minato’s eyes shamelessly stuck to your dress; every time you moved, his eyes would follow in the more interesting places, as though he hadn’t even been meaning to do it.

You laughed at a joke that Shusei had just cracked, your eyes coming to rest on your boyfriend, who looked so damn miserable that you almost frowned.

The other guys were starting to notice it, too.

“What’s up, Chief?” Chiaki asked, suspicious as always. He was a quick one, and Akiyoshi was anything but subtle right now. “You seem a little down”.

“I’m fine,” he replied icily.

“You look like you want to punch everyone here in the face,” Kaoru observed calmly, and you almost shouted ‘I know right!’ but kept your mouth firmly shut.

“Maybe he’s jealous because I’m sitting next to ____ and not him?” Minato suggested, a teasing lilt to his voice.

You bit your lip as Akiyoshi growled and told everyone to be quiet, as though they were still in the office.

Everyone went back to their drinks and their socialisation, but Akiyoshi was about done – it was horrible, not being able to tell them all to back off and that you’re his, not being able to tell them to stop ogling your damn dress!

Akiyoshi had walked in a little earlier, and then you’d walked in and everyone’s – even Kaoru’s – eyes went straight to whatever parts of your body they could find to stare at, no thanks to that dress. It damn near made his blood run cold.

Getting to his feet, he made to leave, calling back a hasty goodbye and murmuring something about seeing them all tomorrow bright and early.

You watched your boyfriend leave, discomfort clear in his features, and you sighed quietly whilst Minato filled your glass once again. You weren’t even close to being drunk, but…

“Oh!”. Getting to your feet in an instant, you pretended to wobble in your heels, the lively atmosphere halting slightly whilst the guys asked if you were okay, Shusei putting an arm out to steady you.

“You okay?” he asked, always so kind.

You hoped that you made a convincing drunk, and laughed almost manically.

“I’m great!” you exclaimed, swinging your arms out and almost hitting Minato in the face. “I’m…”. You stumbled forward, getting the hang of it. “Drunk”.

“Woah there”. The other guys got to their feet, and this time Kaoru was the one to catch you.

“Thank you,” you breathed, moving to stand on your own two feet, gathering your bag and coat together and trying to make out that your vision was slightly hazy. “I should really get home now. Well, bye!”. You tried to make a break for it, but Shusei called out to you before the opportunity neatly presented itself.

“Are you gonna be alright to get home?” he asked.

“I’ll come with you, if you need me to,” Minato added, and it probably only sounded suggestive because he had been the one to say it, but you laughed it off and kept walking.

“I’ll call a cab!” you promised, disappearing out of the door after throwing an excited, exaggerated wave at them and saying goodbye to Bianchi in Italian.


As soon as you were out in the cold, harsh air of the night, you allowed the façade to drop completely, and half expected an Oscar to be presented to you very shortly.

Instead though, you were able to spot Akiyoshi leaning against the wall, smoking a cigarette, the expression on his face implying that he was deep in thought.

Shoving your hands into the pockets of your coat, you walked over to join him, a wry smile on your face as you moved.

He noticed it, too, but looked away with a sigh, and a moment later said…

“You must be trying to kill me or something, ____”.

He stubbed out his cigarette and you laughed brightly, thankful that he had stayed out here at least. You supposed that he never would have left you alone, not ever.

“Don’t be so jealous,” you told him, moving even closer now so that your arms could safely hook around his neck, even though he was much taller than you. “Akiyoshi…”. A pretty smile took shape on your face, and he thought that you looked beautiful. “Those guys can look as much as they want”. You hesitated for a moment, adding suspense. “…But only you can take it off at the end of the night”.

He blinked at you, more than surprised by your sudden words.

She really is trying to kill me, he mused, but in reality, all he honestly wanted to do right now was…

Akiyoshi reciprocated by gently pushing you against the wall behind him, his hand firmly beside your head, trapping you in his warmth. A brief second of hesitation passed, as if he was thinking that he shouldn’t really do this, before his lips found yours in a hungry kiss.

Now it was your turn to be surprised, and you let out a little yelp, but kissed him back so that the kiss deepened, Akiyoshi’s hands coming up to remove the protective coat from your shoulders, the item falling to the floor without being saved. His hands then bought to life the movements that his eyes had been making earlier, caressing your back, moving down your body in a way that caused you to let out a moan… You wanted to be closer.

As if in answer to this, Akiyoshi pulled your legs up so that you sat against his waist, the wall doing its best to hold you up, the contact driving you crazy.

He kissed your neck and then your lips again, pulling away for a breathless moment to whisper something against your lips.

“I suppose it is the end of the night,” he teased. Well, two could play at that game.

You pulled away from him, grabbing your coat from the floor and throwing it over your arm, your heels sounding as you walked away.

“It’s not the end of the night, darling, until I’ve had something to eat and am home where it’s warm”. 


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