Bold, Tearful Prayers

There are times when I feel like a wreck. My faith is never strong as I’d like it to be. I have doubts. I question things. I’m not the steady faithful servant that I should be. 

But then God has His ways of reeling us back in. When you start praying bold prayers–when you start crying and beseeching with all your heart–then you feel invincible. When you ask God to protect you and your family just so that you can return to His solemn sanctuary for worship, then you feel His grace and mercy. When you ask God to forgive you for all your wrong-doings, you feel his care and concern. When you thank Him for everything, you feel humble and righteous.

When those tears fall from your eyes and meander about your face, then you know–you KNOW–your faith is back. Even when your faith is as weak as it can be, never be afraid to make a bold, tearful prayer. Trust me, God listens. He always listens.

After all the rain, the tremulous high gusts of winds, and a massive floods, my church still stands. Tall and proud, fighting for our faith, we continue to strive just like our church. Through all the hardship, all the trials. “Through fire and flood I’ll pass.” Truly shows how great God has been to each and everyone of us. I’m truly thankful that we have an ever loving God. The one and only God of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. Maraming salama Po Ama.