INFINITE REACTION: To you hugging them and then breaking down into tears

Sunggyu: “what happened jagy? Who did what to you?”

He’d make a looot of questions and be so frustrated.

Dongwoo: He’s the type who would freak out, but then try to calm you down at the same time. Dongwoo was worried about you and so lost that

I imagine him being the kind of person who takes the other’s feelings to himself, so if you are sad, he’s sad too.

“Tell me jagy… idk… omo”

Woohyun: He would step back and look into your eyes, his expressions make it clear he was very surprised and worried.

“What is this? Why are you crying?”

Hoya: Hoya would be sad for you, but instead of speaking, he would hug you tight until you stopped crying and were calmer to talk.

Sungyeol: Another one to the freak out team. He’d hug you and then cry and in the end you have to calm him down.

“OMG, why are you crying? Someone hurt you? my baby can’t be hurt”

L: He’d freeze, would watch you with wide-eyed, and then would hug you even harder. Myungsoo is not a person of many words, but he would stay close to you until you were better.

Sungjong: He’d hug you tight at first, give you some water and then listening to what happened calmly. All Sungjong wants is to help you.

“It’s okay sweety, you’re with me right now”

~ADM Cherry~

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just like how inspirits are able to give you strength, you’re able to give us so much more.

happy birthday, lee howon ♡


#7YearsWithInfinite - Current Milestone

Happy Anniversary! I am not here since the beginning, only discovering this wonderful group in 2013 after only knowing the name of “Infinite” before, not the group itself. I am not sure how long you will be together, how long you will stay on this current path, but despite all of that I am still very grateful for your existence, grateful for the joy you have given me, grateful for all the things you have inspired me to be. It has been four years, and I don’t regret becoming a fan of you, and probably will ever regret it. The future is uncertain for all of us, but I hope every member will only walk on a flowery road from now on.