One Day & Thank You

INFINITE REACTION: To their significant other breaking up with them because of saesang fans


“I’m sure I won’t let you go so easily.” Sunggyu’d try to look calm, but actually he’d be worried and afraid of you let him, and thinking some way to make you continue with him.


In the limit of his feelings, Dongwoo would make a great effort to not cry and stay strong in front of you, saying that everything would be alright, that you’d need to wait just a little longer


He would cry and say how much he loves you and needs you, asking you to never think about something like that anymore.


In the face of all the suffering that you just passed by dating him, Hoya wouldn’t think it would be right to ask you to stay, to wait for him.

However he’d make it clear that he doesn’t want you going away forever from his life.

“I’ll solve this and we’ll can be together again.”


He wouldn’t understand the situation, being able just to look at you with big eyes and say:

“But… What is the relation of that with us?”


More than the others, he’d understand your side a lot and wouldn’t have an argument. But he wouldn’t let you go, and even being hard to him say what he feels, he’d try.

“I need you… I can’t lose you…”


“Is it really what you want?” He’d question you.

“Y-yes… I want to break up!”

“What a pity! Because I don’t want to!”

~ADM Misso

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