Wonshik accidentally falling into Taekwoon and just going along with it with bonus cute kenbin.

VIXX Reaction


“I would like for you to do a smutty reaction with VIXX.  Let say VIXX members was sleeping peacefully until they felt you giving them a blow job. They couldn’t reach out to you because they notice that you tied their hands to the bed post. What would be their reaction from them not able to join in the fun?”

I apologize if this is awful, first time writing male smut. This is not as mild as the Amber smut, reader beware.

Before attempting things like this, please talk it over with your partner and make sure the two of you are comfortable! They have consent in this requested reaction to perform this and you always should, too.

You had been worked up all day watching your boyfriend’s dance practice; it always turned you on the way he moved, the way his hands ran along his body, and the way he breathed after working so hard. The sweat dripping down his face reminded you of the sweat you shared when he fucked you and you could barely contain yourself from jumping him in the practice room. You hinted to him how nice it would be to go home and have sex, but he was tired. After he showered and climbed into bed, you plotted how to get your way as he slept.

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10 Drafts in Progress

Hello hello hello! I wanted to share a few updates with you all:

  1. VIXX Reaction: Birth is up! I hope you have enjoyed this series! It was a lot of fun to write. Remember, I can do this for BTS and Amber (and N Flying) as well if requested!
  2. There are now 120 followers of this blog, and still no one has requested anything for a 100 Follower Special! Please let me know if there is something I can do for y’all as a thank you! I appreciate every single one of you!
  3. As I stated in the header, I have 10 requests in progress right now! 5 of them are for the fatherhood series, 3 are Amber requests, 1 is a Hongbin angst/fluff scenario, and 1 is a NSFW VIXX Reaction. Please bear with me as I get these out; I have a busy day Wednesday and I start back to university on Thursday (blah) but I will get them out ASAP.
  4. I decided to not continue writing my Untitled Story (Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four). Most of this was based on real events in my life, and to continue on would mean I would have to fabricate things, and I don’t know if I want to do that and cheapen Ara’s experiences. I hope you read it and enjoyed it; know that Ara is doing fine.
  5. You might have noticed in point 1, but I am now taking requests for N Flying scenarios, reactions, and ships! Please note that if you request something now, it will be placed at the end of the queue (unless it’s a ship), but I will write it!

My inbox is always open! I love all of you dearly! Happy reading!

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