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I'm having guests visit and stay in my apartment for the first time! They'll be here in 4 days. What can I do to prepare? It's really important to me that my guests see how well my boyfriend and I are doing now that we're living together and I want to make a good impression!

Guest Tips

1. Start by deep cleaning your apartment. Vacuum, mop, wipe dust off the back of the TV. Clean the things you don’t normally clean in your regular cleaning routine. I recommend spreading this cleaning out in the few days before they arrive.

2. Comb the apartment for things that you are not 100% okay with your guests seeing. I’m talking dildos, sexy panties, bongs, etc. Store these out of sight in a closet for the duration of their stay.

3. Stock up on snacks. I recommend fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, chips and salsa. If you have a microwave, buy some microwave snacks like mini pizzas or taquitoes. I know these aren’t the healthiest snacks in the world, but sometimes a warm snack does the trick.

4. Similarly, get all your take-out menus in one organized stack. Because you do not want to be cooking three meals a day for these people.

5. Stock up on guest bathroom supplies. One would hope that people coming to spend a week at your place would bring things as simple as toothbrushes, but sometimes they forget. Here’s a list of bathroom supplies for your guest:

- Toothbrushes and toothpaste (get travel sized)
- Shampoo and conditioner (again, travel sized)
- Towels that are only for your guests (just wash some of your towels and fold them and tell your guests that they’re for them to use)
- Soap (travel sized)
- Q-tips (people NEVER bring q-tips! Put a little pack of them out in plain sight in the bathroom)

6. Make sure you’re fully stocked household essentials wise. Here are some examples:

- Toilet paper
- Paper towels
- First Aid kit
- Trash bags
- Napkins (paper or otherwise)
- Plates (paper or otherwise)
- Silverware
- Milk
- Coffee
- Toast

7. Get a bowl of fresh fruit and put it on your coffee table or dining room table. I recommend citrus, because it lasts longer. A bowl of citrus on a table makes you look like more of an “Adult”. Science side of Tumblr please explain.

8. Create a guest space for your guests before they arrive. Wash any sheets and blankets, wipe any bedside tables down, and if you’re feeling fancy buy some flowers to put in a vase by where they’ll be sleeping.

9. Buy some things that will cover up a bad scent quickly. Like Febreeze or incense or scent candles. Just in case!

10. And finally, come up with a list of places to take your guests. Hiking trails, nice restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas, etc. Please don’t try to entertain them 100% of the time, let them do their thing occasionally. But have at least one outing planned a day.

Good luck!


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