This is an illustration that my buddy Aaron Lenk (@BigSimpleComics on Twitter) has been working on for a while, and I’ve always wanted to use it as a writing prompt. He needed to take a week off of our other comic, Is It Canon?, so I decided to use his art for RPC and I’ll draw tomorrow’s IIC.

Anyway, Aaron is such a talented and evocative illustrator, and I really enjoyed working on this with him!

You should check out his a new comic series featuring stories he draws live every Sunday!

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Human Klaroline. They are together and Caroline is pregnant, and she has a tendency to wander off late at night for odd cravings, and Klaus being a rockstar, often comes home late to find her missing and at their local dim sum restaurant at 2am. Fluff please! And Thank you!

This fluffy drabble was written by our guest writer @wassupworlditskj!

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Klaus loved the buzz he got after a show.

Well – after, during and before.

There was something about the atmosphere of the giant stadium and the millions of adoring fans screaming, cheering and whistling; all of them singing their hearts out as Klaus sang to them.

It felt like just yesterday he’d been singing in a small bar in England, earning nothing but a few drunken claps from the crowd. And now here he was, standing atop a giant stage, his hair drenched with sweat; his guitar heavy in his tired arms.

“Now…” Klaus spoke out to the crowd, his chest rising and falling. “For my last song of the night, it’s a new song I’ve written for my beautiful wife.” When mentioning Caroline, the crowd erupted into masses of applause and cheers. The fans knew and adored Caroline. They connected with her because once upon a time, she had been one of them: a face in the crowd, who loved music and belted out the lyrics with every breath in her body.

The year had been 2011, a time at which Niklaus had had no money to pay his bills nor a job to get the money he needed. All he’d had was a half-empty suitcase and his guitar. He would gravitate from one bar to another, asking for gigs, and each of them had the same answer: no.

That’s how he’d found himself in front of ‘The Grill’, a local bar in a small beat-down town called Mystic Falls. By some miracle they’d let him play that night and, to this day, regardless of the number of performances he’d given, the memory of that one would always stay fresh in his mind.

Somewhere in the middle of his set that night, his eyes had locked on a beautiful blonde with bright eyes and a sweet smile as she swayed to his music. Her name was  Caroline and he’d known she was his soulmate right then and there. Something about her presence had just felt so… right.

And that moment had led Klaus to this one.

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So I work at the guest service desk now and the other day a cashier came up with a customer who’s coupon wasn’t scanning. I try to scan it myself and the computer says it’s the wrong item. I look at the coupon closely and it says “valid for 9 lbs or more” bags of dog food. I ask what weight her bag is, she says 7 lbs. I then explain to her that she must purchase a bag that is 9 lbs or more to use the coupon. The cashier says she already explained that. The woman then starts screaming that we don’t have a 9 lbs bag of the puppy formula, we only have 15 lbs and she doesn’t need that much. And she goes on to pull up a picture of her puppy to prove that she won’t need that much. (keep in mind we do sell 9 and 10 lbs bags of other formulas) I still refuse the coupon, since I will get in trouble for accepting it, and you know, it is fraudulent to accept a coupon for the wrong item. She can’t seem to understand this and still blames the whole situation on me. She even goes so far as to pull out her credit card, show me that she’s been a loyal store member since 2001, and she shouldn’t be treated like this. I still refuse. She then screams that she will be cancelling her card in the morning and calling corporate. And she doesn’t want any of her other items, which she leaves in her cart in the middle of the line for the service desk. Ask she left I said “have a great night ma'am” in the most sarcastic tone I could get away with.

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Contributed by Ashley Herring Blake, Author

I recently started working in an indie bookstore. The great thing about this job, aside from being surrounded by beautiful books all day long, is that it gets me out of my writer brain and back in touch with my reader brain. I work mostly in the kid’s section, and every day customers come in with very specific requests. I’ve noticed a lot of the teens who frequent the young adult section don’t ask for recommendations all that much, but the middle grade and advancing readers section is a cornucopia of parents looking for certain books or certain topics for their kids.

The other day, I had a mom ask me for a book with a trans character for a first grader. 

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Be My Guest: We’re Not Brothers

A/N: Next story up! I hope you enjoy :) Maybe they weren’t so brotherly after all…?

**** Nothing hurtful against any member of Got7. I love them with all my heart. If anything offends you, please message me and let me know so that I can fix it****

Warning: This series obtains death, blood, cursing, the loss of your bias. Continue reading at your own risk.

Summary: Yugyeom was disappointed when he couldn’t find Youngjae where he thought he’d find him. He was positive that he would find him in his wine cellar that he always admired. So instead, he decided to return to the party where he could finally introduce himself to his guests.

The lights dimmed down a bit and everyone became quiet. Spot lights appeared at the top of the stairs as everyone watched their host enter the room with his welcoming smile.

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These are the days of our dying art to shine/ Instead we sit in darkened rooms in sullen moods/ A sole light hanging overhead as we loiter in our thoughts/ What despair for poets such as us/ Chained in, held in, restrained/ When the world waits beyond those gates. ~saad!!!

. the dead anon poets society .


No, the Great Barrier Reef is Not Dead

You might have seen an obituary for the Great Barrier Reef floating around over the past few days. Published by Outside Magazine, the supposedly satirical article declared that the Great Barrier Reef had “passed away after a long illness” at 25 million years of age, and that “no effort” was ever made to save the reef.

This is not true.

It’s really, really, really not true.

Yes, the Great Barrier Reef recently underwent a massive bleaching event that affected 93% of its coral. That bleaching event resulted in the death of 22% of its coral.

22% dead is not the same as 100% dead.

So why did author Rowan Jacobsen write the obituary? Some are saying it was satire, a deliberate exaggeration meant to raise awareness of the Great Barrier Reef’s plight. If this was the case, the plot backfired spectacularly. Many people took to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other public mourning venues to declare their sadness and outrage over the death of the world’s largest living structure.

This is a dangerous reaction, but not an uncommon one. And it’s a reaction that Dr. “Rusty” Brainard, chief of the Coral Reef Ecosystem Program at NOAA’s Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center, worries will hinder efforts to save the very-very-very-not-dead reef. As he told the Huffington Post, people may begin to think that “if there’s nothing that can be done,” we should “not do anything and move onto other issues.”

In the interests of preserving the Great Barrier Reef’s not-dead state, let’s not do that. While the Reef is arguably dying, it can still be saved, and we should be doing what we can to save it.

So what can we do?

If the news of the Great Barrier Reef’s “death” upset you, please read on.

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