Welp… ok. I probably will not start drawing Bendy stuff a ton but dang drawing in a more “Classic Disney-like” style is fun… plus just trying to draw a creepy cartoon character. Even plopped this guy into an AU that I have (anyone remember that summoner AU I had? No? That’s okay! ^^)

But yeah - doodled some Bendys and thought that I should post them. Left is more of how I would draw him normally, and the right is more of how I would draw him from my AU I have. 

Little PSA before going because this is making me a bit angry

If anyone reblogged => this art <= from @littleweebyfujoshi-melmel 
please remove it!

I sent a message to the user to let them know that it belonged to @i_37 on twitter and well, right on their profile : 

And the repost had no credits either so that was bothering me a bit.

The result? they have blocked me without a word OTL

So please, avoid their blog and this post, they clearly don’t care at all :’(

  • Chloe, about Mari: You need to set me up with her. I know she told you that she’s looking, and she’s totally not responding to my moves.
  • Adrien: What moves?
  • Chloe: I have insulted her and her friends, like, ten times.
  • Adrien: I can’t believe that’s not working.
  • Chloe: Yeah.