Hello I made bees yay 🐝🐝🐝

Please download here. Read the instructions and FAQ carefully.

Special thanks to @mrsmaow for making the gif for me when I couldn’t. :-)
Also special thanks to spacechase0, he made my critter idea into a reality. His other mods are dope as well (i.e. one of his mods lets you take a screenshot of your whole farm whilst having aesthetic mods), check them out!

If you want to leave a donation for my hard work, please consider doing so. I really appreciate it.


“She always looked attractive, too. In the early morning when many stars arrive at the studio bleary-eyed, ghostly without make-up, wearing crumpled slacks, dark glasses, some grotesque head covering and gasping for black coffee, Vivien was different. She was immaculate and could have been going to a point-to-point meeting on a lunch date at the Ivy. Instead of the tired toweling wraps or make-up splattered housecoats that one usually sees on a set, Vivien always wore perfectly tailored pure silk cut like a man’s dressing gown- and looked ravishing. Many of her friends thought that with her transparently pale, fine skin her face had some real beauty when she did not wear make-up.” -Gwen Robyns