anonymous asked:

hihi do you know of any vixx or monsta x gfx makers? peeps who make both for both groups are even better!

hello~ even if i follow a lot of blogs i still hardly see gfx ;;;; so this list will be quite short, i’m sorry ):

vixx gfx: @wontaektv, @wontaec, @taekswoons, @ravbin, @hugbin, @wonshik-jpg, @royalbins, @leejaehwan

mx gfx: @wonkkyun, @kkungki, @hypertone, @flowermx, @wonhuff, @kihyeun, @rapju (this user also makes vixx gfx~)


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{ let loose } soft tunes & when you’re feeling too much and you don’t want to feel anything at all. think a little less, live a little more [ listen ]