Twilight-Style Covers If Jacob Was The Protagonist

A key for Twilight, not only because he was the key to Bella figuring out the Cullens were vampires, but also because all that time in his Pre-Bella head would let us “unlock” his character more.

A hazy full moon for New Moon, because while it was a dark time for him, he had Bella, which must have made what would’ve been the “new moon” phase of his life much, much more bearable.  And hazy because of how confusing and conflicting his early werewolf days were.  (And, okay, I couldn’t resist the werewolf joke.)

A stopwatch for Eclipse, because he’s running out of time to save Bella.

And an earth marble for Breaking Dawn, because so much of his world changes in the last book.


Twilight-Style Covers If Edward Were The Protagonist

A red glass rose for Twilight (Midnight Sun), as a symbol of love- a red rose- but in an unnatural state.  Or a delicate rose for Bella, made colder and harder by Edward’s association.  Something lovely that he believes he’s ruining, essentially- though of course, beauty is subjective.

A mirror for New Moon, first because the main arc begins with him withdrawing to look at himself and what he believes he’s doing to Bella, then because he’s left alone with nothing but himself and his pain for the majority of the story.

A knotted rope for Eclipse, because, in contrast to Bella’s cover where she has Jacob as the one thread she just can’t cut, Edward is eventually willing to accept the idea of their lives being strongly tied to his.

And a rocking chair for Breaking Dawn, first for the more obvious reason: that Edward has a domestic life he never dreamed of (I believe there’s a quote somewhere of Stephenie calling him a “family man at heart,” or something along those lines).  Second, as a callback to the scene in Midnight Sun, when Edward was sitting in the old rocking chair in Bella’s room and he realized how much he loved her- because at the end of Breaking Dawn, Bella is finally able to show him that she really does love him just as much.

Adam vs Blake and Sun prediction

-Adam attacks-

My guess it will go like this

-Blake will realise she cant run anymore knowing her feelings for Sun, her Family, and perhaps ecouraging words from her father

-She and Sun confront Adam (Similar to The Monkey King vs The Bull King)

-Adam heavily injures Sun(maybe cuts off his tail), forces Blake to watch, probably prattling on how its not a fairy tale and she doesnt deserve anyone but him (Think of a super-spycho-douche-bag-gaston) and how if he cant have her nobody can and tells her to say good bye to Sun

-Ghira strikes out of nowhere and finishes the job beating the unholy hell out of Adam and rips off his mask (similar to Nezha catching the Bull King), perhaps he and Sun as the bond early plan a trap for Adam, Im kinda expecting during this Sun making a joke “Awwww you do like me!”

-Adam being a deranged manchild tantrums how the rest of the white fang are not true Faunus before big papa tightens his grip on his neck

-Sun as his legend counterpart is deemed buddhahood, for this case Girha’s blessing to be with his daughter

-Ghira being tired of killing in the past takes Adam prisoner instead, offering intterogation and mercy out of pity

-Adam being taught by Seinna Kahn probably says that his mistress will fulfill his wishes in his place, and maybe perform Senpukku much to Blake and Girha’s grim pity

-Sun is recovering and Blake tells him she has to go and find team RNJR because he and her family are still in danger and she must confront Kahn but not before kissing him on the cheek and saying good bye and thank you to her parents, Sun stays to train with Blake’s father to become stronger for the next time they meet

-Blake’s confidence is boosted because she now has a reason to be brave, her freinds, her family, and her new boyfriend and that there is some truth to fairy tales, she gets ready to depart where she’s greeted by Neptune (maybe) and they both head to Mistral to find RNJR

-Word gets back to Kahn about Adam’s faliure which then Kahn sends her men and women to go after Blake and team RNJR

This would deinently be a sign of things looking up and be a good contrast to Arkos

Blake would have something go right in her life after all her abuse (not saying her team doesnt count but I mean more personally)

Also with the songs foreshadowing plot “Let’s Just Live” seems to be a shoein for that

Plus some happy relief for last volume (not counting chibi)

Also her newfound courage would be put to the test against Kahn, you could say Adam was a ‘mini-boss’ and Kahn is the 'Final Boss’, outside of Salem of course

Also it would work like the time skip in One Piece

Becuase we already seen a love intrest sacrifce her life for others and this would just become annoying, the formula in RWBY seems to be a build up for each character death say 2 or 3 volumes (unless you consider Monty’s original plan of V1 and V2 as one volume)

Also I like to add why Sun has to live

Blake has been ABUSED, seeing an abuser kill a loved one will not 'snap her out of it’ it will make it worse, abuse victims need to be assured they won’t loose anyone, and we ALREADY seen a love interest give up her life, this would just get annoying

When I was a kid, I used to drive my parents up the walls with my serial fixation on certain songs, which I would latch onto like a starving leech and insist on playing on Repeat so that for days (or weeks…) on end, when you got into the car all you would get to hear was Puff the Magic Dragon or The Battle of New Orleans or Run Samson Run. (My mother is a fan of 60s music, and I didn’t start listening to anything non-classical that wasn’t from her collection until I was 14, hence the weird choices). (How I never managed to burn a hole in those CDs is still a mystery to me). –And then I got my own Personal Devices With Earphones, which must have come as a colossal relief to them, LOL. I’ve never gotten over these fixations, of course, but at least nobody else has to suffer for my taste now. Unless they’re in my car… 

Are you more of a playlist person, or do you tend to repeat one particular song twenty times in a row? What was the last piece of music you obsessed over?