'Great American Eclipse' coming in two years

Washington (UPI) Aug 22, 2015
Mark your calendars for Aug. 21, 2017. That’s when all of North America will get a once-in-a-lifetime glimpse at a total solar eclipse. The Great American Eclipse, as its been dubbed, will be visible to millions across the United States for the first time in nearly four decades. It will mark the first time this century a total solar eclipse will cross through the contiguous United State
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My love you are like the moon
pale, soft, and yet radiant 
an ethereal being full of light 
we gleefully sip each other’s wine
talk, love, and smile for a while
then you fade inexorably into the night  
your eclipse steals away my joy
yet my heart will never cease to burn
so once more I lie alone in the darkness
ever patiently awaiting your return

Book Aesthetic: Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

“You aren’t going through with this because a sword is hanging over your head. We will take care of the problems, and I will take care of you. When we’re through it, and there is nothing forcing your hand, then you can decide to join me, if you still want to. But not because you’re afraid. You won’t be forced into this.”