Doctor Who"s9e12" Hell Bent (2)

Doctor Who Behind the Scenes Gifset Journey’s End-David Tennant talking about how hard it was for the Doctor to say goodbye to Donna Noble who had became his best mate in so many ways on their adventures together. This was actually worse than watching the actual scene because hearing how much influence it had on David as an actor for him to say goodbye to Donna as the Doctor was just heartbreaking.

So I’m rewatching Supernatural and am on season one. Well, it’s the episode (Route 666) where Dean’s ex-girlfriend contacts him for help involving a ghost truck and Sam starts teasing Dean about his relationship with Cassie. I mean really teasing him, which causes Dean to “snap” at him and tell him to just “shut up and get in the car. Just shut up,” which amuses Sam even more. We find out that Dean was in love with her and actually opened up to her, telling her what he does for a living. Now here’s the kicker, her name is Cassie and if we fast forward to the musical episode when the guys see Destiel happening with the girl playing as Dean, and the other girl playing as Cas. When they leave and are about to get into the car, Sam begins teasing Dean about Destiel to the point where Dean has had enough…and tells Sam to “shut his face and get in the car,” again leaving Sam amused. Maybe it’s just a coincidence but it’s funny to me that her name was Cassie, then we have Cas, Sam teases Dean about both situations and Dean has the same reaction both times. He gets embarrassed and tells Sam to just shut up and get in the car. 

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