The Signs as Haikyuu!! Pairings

Aries: KageHina

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Taurus: UkaTake

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Gemini: KuroKen

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Cancer: TsukiYama

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Leo: BokuAka

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Virgo: KenHina

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Libra: AsaNoya

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Scorpio: IwaOi

Sagittarius: DaiSuga

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Capricorn: KuroTsuki

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Aquarius: BoKuroo

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Pisces: YakuLev

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Uruha: just now we finished the first half of our LIVES in South, Central and for the first time, North America. those days were so exciting and amazing and they made me recognize and see the passion of the fans who have been waiting for us in a new light. we will keep doing our best to perform the best LIVES for the rest of the tour so everyone, I’m counting on you! WE ROCK!! 【麗】/ Uruha

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Caspar I-just-spent-the-whole-interview-staring-at-Joe Lee. 😆

look whatever shitty thing that has happened to your OTP i’m sorry that sucks but it’s not CS’s fault. the writers do what they think is necessary even if it makes no sense. but blaming another ship that also happens to be the main character’s ship doesn’t do much but make you an asshole. idk what your obsession with hating on CS is but sorry to break it to you but you’re an idiot if you blame everything bad on them. and it’s just pathetic at this point. 

Japan is full of hobby stores selling everything from plastic model kits, rc cars, die-cast replicas, model trains, anime figures and toy robots. The walls of the ‘Pla-Model’ section are lined with model kits for every Japanese sports car you could think of. What I really love about these kits is the box art. So much time and effort must go into illustrating these beautiful renditions of the cars. Here are a few especially interesting ones that I found on my most recent visit.