Dogs will often blend into other species of animals to adapt to their environment and join the “squad”. Previous studies shows that dogs who run away from their home to join other squads had traumatizing experiences at home and running away is their way of coping.

Hace un par de días nos tuvimos en los brazos y no nos dijimos miles de cosas al oído, no era necesario pues ya las sabíamos. Hay momentos donde el silencio es oportuno y se convierte en una respuesta esperada. Hay momentos donde es mejor comunicarse con el cuerpo, como una sonrisa que dice eres un tonto y deseo tus besos o una mirada entreabierta que te dice no pares, inclusive tomarte de la mano te dice que me gustas por cada ángulo pero te prefiero siempre a mi lado.
—  Alexandrave, Hablemos de amores a distancia

why tf does it have to be a cryfest about cars around here
“im not a stance guy i like going fast”
no ones gives a shit about your passive agressive comments about disliking lowered/fitted cars. your ego is bigger then the pile of shit that comes out of your mouth every time you speak

i am MAD and ANNOYED with car people around here. they are draining, not fun, and everything has to be a god damned competition.

none of the competition is passion based either. its all about having the most hp, the most IG likes or being the center of attention at the meets/gtg’s/shows. and thats not just directed at the horsepower boys. the bagged/stanced guys around here are even worse.

then we have the guys that look down on anyone without full aero / huge multipiece wheels / expensive parts. stop that. everyone starts somewhere and everything takes time.

an actually cool/passionate person could pretty much drive anything, and as long as they put their heart and soul into it, it will be cool. “heart and soul” could mean leaving it stock, making it have 600hp, drifting it into a wall, or anything in between. and that goes for all breeds of car enthusiasts and all brands/styles of cars.


I miss talking to you. I miss your voice. Nakakamiss yung everytime may mangyayari sakin tatawagan kita or itetext kita. I always want to keep you updated about me. I miss those days that I would really take a second just to text you even if i’m too busy. Pero iba na ngayon. Ibang iba na.

Aiko in canon part 6

Aiko gives out great advice- she thinks so, at least. She has zero comprehension of the possible consequences of what she might have just done at this juncture. But, hey, she’s mentoring.

Kakashi-sensei was as still and stiff as he’d been when she’d slipped into sleep after her shift at watch. Only now, his cheeks were pale and he was clammy to the touch. Sakura swallowed hard. She watched sweat well up and join the dampness in his hairline.

His breathing was shallow but steady.

Sakura took his pulse. She confirmed that he didn’t have a fever. She decided to ask Tsunami-san to help her pour some water down his throat later. He hadn’t had a drink in over twelve hours, so he must need some, right?

‘What do I do if he doesn’t wake up? He has to eat still, right? And go to the bathroom and- and other stuff. Right?’

She wiped at her face with her sleeve. Contemplating it was terrifying. She wasn’t trained in this.

‘I don’t know what to do.’

It was so stupid. Everything was stupid. If they’d just gone home when they’d found out their client was a dirty liar, none of this would have happened. Why hadn’t they listened to the rules?

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Kahit pakiramdam kong may sakit na ako sa puso, ayaw ko pa ring magpatingin sa doktor. HAHAHAHA. Wala, natatakot ako, kasi may 90% chance na sakit nga to sa puso. Everyday, magigising ako dahil hindi na ako makahinga, madalas sumasakit yung likod ko, madalas may tumutusok na parang maliliit na karayom sa dibdib ko, at habang sinusulat ko tong blogpost na to, hirap akong huminga. Mabilis akong mapagod. Haay. May trace kasi sa family namin kaya natatakot talaga ako. Hangga’t di ako naoospital di ako magpapatingin sa doktor. Ulol ba sila. Hahaha. Asa tayo sa 10% na hindi totoo to.

tfw u send a random nude & dont expect a reply so u take off ur makeup but then he replies & then u gotta snap back w ur naked ass face

Ang sakit sa puso. :( 💔

Yesterday, i went on a bookstore bago ako umuwi. Sabi ko kasi babasahin ko yung P.S I Still love you, pero di ko pa nababasa yung To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, so ang hinanap ko yung book 1 muna. Kaso wala sold out na daw, nagwala pa ko sa customer servce kasi baka may naitatabi pa sila, ayun di ko binili yung sequel kasi anong sense kung di ko naman mababasa si book 1 di ba? Huhuhu. Lara Jean kasi di ako agad tinext. Haaay. Pre-order na lang siguro online :( Ang sakit sakit.