Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 1: This is Queerbait
Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 2: This is totally Queerbait 
Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 3: Maybe…
Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 4: …HolY Sh 
Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 5: This can’t get any gayer
Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 6: This can’t get any gayer 
Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 7: THIS CAN’T GET ANY GAYER
Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 8: THIS CAN’T GET ANY GAYER
Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 9: OH MY GOD IT’S GETTING GAYER
Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 10:  WHAT!? HOL-

blue night radio ♡ 161208
translation: fantaemsie

■ (after reading a listner’s letter of break up / farewell to their jonghyun.) jonghyun: when it comes to moments of farewell …, i think a parting doesn’t happen when the words: “let’s stop seeing each other” are pronounced, just like how love doesn’t start when the words “should we start dating?” are said.
lee ji hyung: whoa, so cool.
jonghyun: me? did you just realize that? ㅎㅅㅎ ㅎ

Like… in the grand scheme of things I honestly don’t even really get shipping the way most fans do it, but I’m still so tired of dude-dominated segments of fandom (see: the critical role subreddit today) circlejerking over how curatorial aspects of fandom are so much nobler and less awful than transformative aspects, like give it a rest my dude. ‘It’s just my personal opinion that shipping is an embarrassment’ sure Jan but you’re not exactly being subtle about who you want in your community when the fic writers are disproportionately likely to be non-straight and non-male. More to the point: a lot of fic is just meta in creative-writing form, but the moment that meta talks about interpersonal relationships is the moment it becomes devalued and frivolous. Fic isn’t always valuable or even halfway decent, but neither are goofy meta theories or imperfect summaries of d&d rules. Chill.

It’s that old thing where if someone tries to quiz you in an accusatory way about the minutiae of canon, you quiz them right back about the emotional or interpersonal elements of the canon.

There’s a shitload of harmful stuff to unpack about all elements of fandom, but this is literally just 'it’s icky 'cause girls like it’. You don’t gotta love something, but you don’t gotta take time out of your day to loudly remind everyone how much you hate it and want to use it to gatekeep, either.


9 iconic quotes from Pearl Harbor, World War II

The day after Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed a joint session of Congress. His speech that day, which summoned a nation to war, would become among the most iconic in American history — particularly Roosevelt’s famous line describing the outrageous attack the prior day:

“Yesterday, December 7, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy — the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.”

Times of crisis often bring out the best in orators. USA TODAY Network looks back at some other famous quotes from the World War II era — both before and after the “date which will live in infamy.”