[ENGSUB] Daesung answers speed questions

Subbed By: mshinju

H/D Career Fair 2017

H/D Career Fair is Back! This is the fourth time H/D Career Fair will be running!

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The following professions are not allowed in this year’s H/D Career Fair:
Harry: Auror, Professor, Healer, Curse-breaker, Quidditch Player
Draco: Auror, Professor, Healer, Unspeakable, Potions Master

Fest Timeline:
Prompting: June 5 (Draco’s birthday) – June 19
Claiming: June 24 – July 14
Submissions due: September 9
Posting starts: September 30
Big Reveal: November 4

Check out our previous fair here!

We’ll post more detailed Rules & Guidelines this Sunday.