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Okay, so I am DM'ing a campaign and my players are picking up a package from a black market merchant. I've built this package up to be pretty ominous an dangerous, but I don't know what the package

Skin that can transform to look like any human, and sound like them despite being made of only skin. No eyeballs. No vocal cords. Its smart, tricky, and can grow larger by taking more flesh from others.

A [item] that is actually a lich’s phylactery. The package gives off bad luck and gives villagers a sense of dread.

The package has a small opening for food. You cannot see inside of it. You are given several packages for food. You are to give one a day [or however often you want]. Each serving gets bigger and bigger until the last one, which is a butchered body. The thing inside the package has no troubles getting everything through the small opening. [could be an ooze, a quickly growing hatchling, etc]

A large number of cockatrice eggs. Touch them with your bare hands, you turn to stone. You crack any eggs, they hatch and cause chaos. 

A meteorite. It hums. It whispers to those around it. It can control metal objects within 30 meters, so long as the metal objects aren’t held by a player. 

BTS REACTS TO: s/o’s ex flirting with them

Anon Asked: BTS reacting to you being flirted by your ex infront of them and your ex is literally ignoring their presence

Personally, I think if something like this were to happen, you should be the one to react, not them. If I were them and something like this were to happen, but my gf/bf doesn’t do anything, expecting me to, I’d be high key annoyed with you, on god. But for the sake of romanticism… *sigh* - Admin Dayna


It wasn’t something he was fond of. The hassle of confronting your ex and possibly getting in a fight just wasn’t an appealing scenario for Jin whatsoever. But as your ex kept up with their antics, ignoring him and flirting with you, he could feel his patience and temper wearing thin. Truth be told, your patience was running just as fast, but much like your boyfriend, you kept a passive aggressive approach with it. Neither of you verbally or physically confronted your ex about his constant flirting and disrespect towards Jin. You both just stood there, half-assed listening to him, mainly ignoring him, mostly exchanging shady looks between each other whenever your ex spoke to you. It took a while for them to get the picture, but your ex left on his own accord. Even the blind could see how much you guys weren’t for the shits and shenanigans.

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stars in her eyes

A/N: Late submission for InuKag Week: Stars :D 1700 words of fluff. 

Kagome was drunk.

Kagome was druuunk.

It was something Inuyasha was trying to not focus too much on, since he decided to wait outside of the comfortably warm hut everybody was huddled inside of. He tried desperately to focus on all the other uninhibited things that echoed brokenly into the darkness.  

It was almost well past midnight, and the stars were out in full display, but he could still hear the sounds of their tittering voices, Miroku’s robust chuckling and Sango’s high pitched trill, seeping through the cracks of a makeshift doorway. Kaede’s rough scolding voice, heavy with tease and pestering good will. Shippo piping up that it was ‘incredibly unfair’ he wasn’t allowed to have a swig of the ‘good stuff’.

Kagome, shrieking every once in a while with her clear and ringing laughter. Inuyasha found himself smiling privately, as he leaned back against the cold bark of the tree behind him. He could picture her perfectly too, knees underneath her, red at the joints from how long she had been rubbing them against the wooden floor boards, mouth open and gaping as she released muffled laughter under her hands. Hair a mess, eyes glistening and glimmering in the firelight.

He had been inside surrounded by music and high spirits, but after a few indirect (and direct) innuendos on the nature of his relationship with the back-again priestess, he felt hot and uncomfortable. He’d made a gruff comment about needing to get some air with a reddened face and disappeared before anyone could stop him.

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[TRANS] Daesung’s message for Japan VIPs

Hello to every Japan VIPs, I am D-Lite.
Is everyone doing well?
My Dome Tour is about to begin soon.
We will be able to see each other in about 2-weeks’ time.
In order to let everyone have a happy and enjoyable time, I have put in lots of effort in preparing.
Of course, everyone is preparing as well.
Have you guys check out my mini album《D-Day》?
I hope that we can sing the songs together during the concert, so can you guys memorise the songs while listening to it?
Well then, let us all meet together at my Dome Tour concerts.
This is D-Lite signing off.

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My players have 3mimic eggs and are looking to make familiars with them any suggestions for how to work this in mechanically​?

The mimics need to be taught what to turn in to. Must see and feel the object before being able to do it.

Cannot attack, but can do other things typical players can do within reason. E.G. a nightwing bat can see in the dark, can gain advantage on wisdom checks that rely on hearing. Cannot use “bite” or “claw” though.

If the mimic transforms into a plain old chest, it shouldn’t be able to grab a health potion and put it on someone. if its a bear or a monkey, that should be okay though. 

Mimics, like normal pets, can get tired. They probably need training. They might have a favorite form that the player needs to deal with. They need to be fed, and I’m guessing townspeople wouldn’t be okay with random people being fodder.