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i never know how to start these things out so i’m just gonna come out and say it ??? my dash is crap, and i’m looking for new blogs to follow (again) !! so without further ado, if you post these things, give this a reblog for me and tag specifically what you post, and i’ll check out your blog!!

+ seasonal anime i’m watching: 91 days, amaama to inazuma, battery, binan koukou chikyuu bouei-bu LOVE! LOVE!, cheer danshi!!d. gray-man hallow, days, ace attorney, handa-kun, love live! sunshine!!, mob psycho 100, orange, relife, re: zero, servamp, and shokugeki no souma: ni no sara 
+ d. gray-man in general, including the manga
+ shokugeki no souma in general, including the manga
+ naruto in general: original series, shippuden, manga, movies, boruto, idk man i just really love naruto leave me alone
+ hunter x hunter 
+ sports anime: haikyuu!!, free!, knb, daiya, y’all feel me
+ shoujo anime/manga in general
+ AJIN: DEMI-HUMAN (honestly if you have like… more than one ajin post on your blog i already love you… please watch/read ajin: demi human)
+ jojo’s bizarre adventure in general, any parts idc !!! 
+ this post is getting to be Too Much so here’s some more: gekkan shoujo nozaki kun, durarara!!, fullmetal alchemist, owari no seraph, fate series, anime in general idk
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I don’t think I’m gonna post videos anymore. I really don’t understand what I did to have every bit of my personal life used against me. The fact that I can’t even go on a vacation with my family without ya’ll interrogating me all the time. I try so hard to be positive on here and on my channel but all the bashing I get everyday is just not worth it anymore. I’m sorry to everyone who supports me but there’s only so much I can take mentally.


music: tomppabeats - Emotional Crank


Today I received a package from @asamino 💕
I’m still shedding tiny tears;;;;
I already enjoyed some tasty candies!! Look at that cute Touka drawing she drew for me✨💕👌
Now excuse me, I will drown with my own tears (again).