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Some illustrations I did a couple of years ago - equipment lists are my favourite part of D&D.

Coming soon: additional maps and encounters to add some drama to the finale of the Lost Mine starter set adventure (a chain bridge and a gnome observatory).


1. Aişe • Sibel Erarslan (Roman baya kalitelisinden)

2. Ballı Çörek Kafeteryası • Zeynep Cemali (Çocuk kitabı deyip geçmeyin adı ile müstesna tatlı bi okumalık)

3. Don Kişot • Cervantes (klasiklerin klasik olmasının bi sebebi var)

4. Eyfel Kulesi Kadar Kocaman Bir Bulutu Yutan Küçük Kız • Romain Puértolas (henüz başladığım, büyük umutlar beslediğim kitap)

5. Günübirlik Hayatlar • Irvin D. Yalom ( Psikoloji ve öykü hatta ikisini birden sevenlere)

6. Hijyenik Aşklar • Yılmaz Erdoğan (Denemeler)

7. Hikayem Paramparça • Emrah Serbes (Anlamı büyük, hem yazara vefa borcudur, okuyun :)

8. Korkma Ben Varım • Murat Menteş (polisiye roman diyelim, ama listenin gözbebeği okumayan kalmasın)

9. Lord Arthur Savile'in Suçu • Oscar Wilde (öykü, zeka ironisi)

10. Sırça Fanus • Sylvia Plath (Kim üzdü bu kadını bu kadar?! Diyerek bitirilen iyi bi eser)

10 More 1 Sentence Hooks!

1. The Paladin wakes up to find a dead prostitute in their bed, and they don’t remember a thing.

2. While walking down a remote trail the party finds a baby in a basket with a note that says “It’s your problem now”.

3. The local foppish son of a lord has challenged a member of the party to a duel.

4.The party is being chased by some crooked law enforcement and the only place they can hide is the bar of one of the party’s Ex(girl/boyfriend)(Yes, Casablanca)

5. There is a new designer drug that has hit the streets, it has minimal negative effects and is not addictive, but dealers keep ending up dead.

6. A young peasant needs help wooing the duke’s daughter, he offers the location of some lost ruins as a reward.

7. Assassins keep attacking the party, they have nothing on them besides a dagger and some odd coins the players don’t recognize.

8. The dead keep appearing in this small town, several locals have litterally been scared to death.

9. Use of arcane magic is slowly driving all the mages of the kingdom insane

10. A party member receives an official letter from a magistrate telling them that someone they care about has been murdered



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