• tatbilb au (done) {dreamies}
  • thieves au (coming soon) {dreamies}
  • pirate au (coming soon) {dreamies}
  • pirate!reader x siren!dreamies OR pirate!dreamies x siren!reader
  • flower shop au {renjun or jaemin}
  • royal au {jeno or jaemin}
  • fake dating au {anyone tbh}
  • coffee barista au {anyone}
  • soulmate au {haechan? maybe m0rk}
  • beauty and the beast au {anyone}
  • prison au {jaemin or ???}
  • murder mystery party au {anyone}
  • enemies au {anyone}
  • vampire au {hm anyone}
  • bookstore au {renjun uwu}
  • superhero au {jisung or ???}
  • bad boy au {jaemin or jeno}
  • fallen angel au {haechan or renjun}
  • time travel au where the reader is murdered and {member} keeps traveling back in time to save you

alright so your jobs as my fellow readers/followers is telling me in my ask box what you’d like to see and who you’d want it to be with uwu ily all sm :D

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looks soft, is soft, but in times of crisis goes into calm and collected mode. (character ask meme thing)

Haler 1000%. He makes all the plans, and has to change them on the fly whenever things go horribly wrong. 

which is often, because y’know, tfw your second in command is secretly a rebel and sabotaging you, and some other guy on your train is patriotic to a dangerous degree

what’s your favorite character type?

The WIP Folders File Meme

List the names of the folders/documents in your WIP folder with absolutely zero context

I was tagged by @banshee-cheekbones Thank you! ♥ (thank god I have an actual list of all my WIPs or this would’ve taken forever to make. this looks like a lot but some of these are like 3 sentences long. * means it’s from a prompt)

  1. Moreid: Hair
  2. Jimon: The Martian!AU*
  3. Jimon: trans!Simon
  4. Malec: bedsharing + road trip
  5. Malec: glasses
  6. Malec: self defence
  7. Malec: clothes
  8. Malec: present
  9. Claia: too gay for this
  10. Destiel: fuckbuddies → lovers human!AU
  11. Malira: Double Trouble
  12. Allydia: Wolpertinger
  13. Cora/Kira: aro
  14. Cordia: ace
  15. Cordia (scisaac): fake date
  16. Erlia: HS AU
  17. Erlia: Blank Space
  18. Laura/allison: Allison 21st bday
  19. Malira: aro+lithro
  20. Steraeden: College Roommate POV
  21. Liam: bb bro Liam*
  22. jackson/lyida/parrish: Cops + Hospital AU
  23. Jisaac: abuse
  24. derek/isaac/scott/stiles: campfire
  25. derek/isaac/scott/stiles: getting together
  26. Sour Skittles: Stiles moves away
  27. Jackson/Parrish: date
  28. Sciles: Scott doesn’t get bitten! AU
  29. Sciles: Spanish
  30. Sciles: Cuddling
  31. Stiles/-: butt
  32. Sterek: Fallen Angel AU
  33. Sterek: Leather & Liquor
  34. Sterek: bad date
  35. Sterek: butt crack
  36. Sterek: mates + college AU*
  37. Sterek: cuddles
  38. Sterek: FBI + soulmates AU
  39. Sterek: elevator*
  40. Sterek: guardian angel derek
  41. Sterek: Hunters Moon
  42. Sterek: Letters*
  43. Sterek: Mountain mates*
  44. Sterek: royalty au*
  45. Sterek: bottom Derek smut
  46. Sterek: HS A/B/O
  47. Sterek: domestic sex and fluff
  48. Sterek: New York
  49. Sterek: smut
  50. Scallisaac: Don’t Call me that*

~~i don’t know who’s been tagged already~~ but I’m gonna tag: @thedaughterofkings, @veronicabunch, @allirica