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Doin’ a lot of traditional sketching and figured I didn’t really do much for the AUs I’ve played with, so I decided to try and go for a new one! I just… I have so many in my head that I’d love to share, and I simply can’t stay away from RariTwi for long. ;_;

So as you could probably guess, this AU is (once again) focused on my typically favorite pairings: RariTwi, AppleDash, and PinkieShy. This time, the idea is a Goddess!AU because I thought it’d be very cool to see the dynamic the characters would have with half of them being of divine blood, while the other half are mortals. The general idea behind it is this:

Rarity isn’t just a normal seamstress, but also one of the priestesses of Ponyville who have sworn to protect their home and give the proper tending to the Gods and Goddesses that watch over them. Ponyville has been getting an influx of attacks from shadow-like monsters, and while the warriors and priests/priestesses have been able to fend them off thus far, things are slowly starting to deteriorate. The town does their thing and pray to the gods for help, but Rarity decides to take things further and essentially offer herself in exchange for help ridding Ponyville of their growing problem.

One night, she makes a summoning circle and calls upon the one she thinks could help her most: The Guardian of Magic. Who’s the Guardian of Magic, you ask? Twilight Sparkle, of course, although the mortals don’t know of her actual name. Anyway, Twi is summoned and the two have an interaction (how the interaction goes is up to you). In the end though, the two come up with a deal: Twilight protects Ponyville in exchange of something from Rarity. I personally already have an idea of what it could be, ranging from:

-Twi protects the town in exchange for Rarity’s help in her investigation on why so many shadow-monsters are attacking the town so frequently (hint it has something to do with the Elements of Harmony). This is the one I already have some of the plot thought of and might seem to be a little darker in content.

-Twi tells Rarity that she must become either her clergy or her lover in order to enact an oath that will guarantee Twi’s hand in protecting the town (basically, she will come almost every time she’s summoned upon). The option of lover is, of course, the one that guarantees all of Twi’s protection, including protection from other gods and mortals who might set their eyes on Rarity for one reason or another. This one would allow far more shenanigans and freedom to do a lot more with while still give room for the plot to go in whatever direction you want.

Which one do you guys think would be more interesting to hear about? Either way, I already have some worldbuilding at the ready, so be prepared for a few sketches detailing that as well as introducing the rest of the characters as they appear in this AU. ^.^ Also, before I go:

Fun Fact 1- Twilight does have wings in this AU but I’m torn between having her wings be stolen from her and her looking for a way to get them back (a bit similar to Maleficent in that aspect), or they’re completely intact. Which do you think would work better? O:

Fun Fact 2- Twilight is a demigod (half mortal half divine). Her mother is the Deity of Knowledge and her father is a mortal, but the two live happily together.

Anyway, let me know what ya’ll think, and thank you for taking a look! ^.^


Overall, I Am Relieved That I Was Able To Tell The Story Inside My Mind. The Media Creates Issues By Standardising Beauty With How Skinny You Are. But There Are People On The Other Side Of The World That Starve To Death Because They Can’t Eat. We Have To Give Them More Attention, Won’t I Be Able TO Turn The Attention That Way If I Can Become An Influential Person?” - Suga, BTS


GASTER: Oh Sans made it to Waterfall! And…who is that on the boat?

RIVERPERSON: !!!!!!!!!!