another monster girl for october, this time a gorgon! I’ve kinda been creating my own monthly challenge since I can’t stick to a daily schedule lmao

since I’ve been trying to put my own original twist on these gals, I gave her cute ball python hair! all the colors/patterns are based on real ones which was super fun to reference <3

I also gave her vitiligo because a) why not and b) some ball pythons have leucism which causes white patches of scales, so I thought it’d be cute to tie that into her design c:

let me guys know which snake is your favorite if you reblog! :D


I know I say this every time but

I am so jazzed for this update, ya’ll.

I had to split it into three different Photoshop documents because saving all the pages at once together causes my laptop to freak out :’)

I hope to have it out for y'all sometime tomorrow

I wish I could work faster D: