According to leading experts, the best way to clean your pet is through the use of a handheld vacuum cleaner. This way your pet not only is rid of all dirt, bacteria, and general stink, but is also thoroughly content during the cleaning process.

ad for a new show: a white man in a leading role. a rough exterior. looks weathered and experienced from his many years of working an extremely taxing white collar job. scenes of him hooking up with thin white women. hes smoking a cigar while looking pensive. hes more than he appears. conflict in his personal life is challenging him at work. this is going to change everything.


la noche es joven… para lucir letreros en la ropa
convence a tu chiquilla… que te pareces a su ídolo
manténganse despiertos… dennos sus mejores poses
ocultos en la niebla… no pueden vernos

Tuloy padaw  k-12, Tapos 10 taon pako sa college. Hahaha yung totoo? Wala ng katapusan tong pagaaral ko ahhahahaha

Preciso de alguém pra me apoiar
independente do lugar
que seja na rua
ou no mar
só quero

I can’t belieb how aesthetic and put together and killin it so many young ppl are on this site like some of yall are only 14 and are already miles ahead of where I was back then im so proud and impressed like when ur my age ur gonna be so fckin good w urself it’s amazing

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Lesson 3: Now that you've found food and a bed for your Mariku, let's go into some of the fun stuff. For instance: Spending quality-time with it. Your Mariku will require a lot of attention. If you leave him alone for too long who knows what kind of trouble he might get into. Try doing fun things with it like: Playing video games, cuddling with it, or reading to it. If you need to leave him alone, get him a Ryou plushie that he could entertain himself with~

Dear God, the only thing I ask of you, Is to hold her when I’m not around. When I’m much too far away.
—  Avenged Sevenfold
  • me:hello i have an etsy shop called lamethreadz and you can find it at etsy dot com slash shop slash lamethreadz and also i will link it here for you and heres a post showing my merchandise also with a link underneath and just for your convenience i will also link it on my blog. also for clarification again it is called lamethreadz.
  • yall:whats ur etsy lol
  • Ate:Vince, bakit ayaw mo pa mag girl friend?
  • Me:Maggirl friend kaagad e di pa nga ako makapasok sa Top 3.
  • A:Edi pag nakapasok ka sa top 3 maggirl friend ka?
  • M:Oo, kaya ipag pray mo na makapasok ako sa top 3.
  • A:Gago ka talaga hahahaha.
  • M:hahahaha