“But amatus, your reputation.”

“My reputation will get shit thrown at it either way, my love. I would rather it include raucous rumors of my the company with a good man.”


[Vivienne gave the same reaction. Most people who knew Maedwyn Lavellan did. Charming and pleasant, he was; easy to manipulate or pull around, he was not.]

In Responce to this:

Yes, because someone ASKING YOU a simple question about what “super-duper-secret” spoilers you know is “immature” isn’t it? Maybe next time you can demonstrate a bit more “maturity” by answering the question like an adult and not tucking tail and running the second someone asks you a straight forward question. $10 says you don’t know ANY spoilers, especially acting like an immature child and running instead of proving what you were BRAGGING about. Some braggarts don’t belong on social media.

By @lucifanmodqueen

First of all, I’ll not reply to the post it was sent as I have nothing to hide. 

Second, I joined the speculation of Lucifer’s swan dive and I said that the clothes were a clue enough for us to wonder if this is what it looks like. 

Then you told me that I just assume things in a rather unpleasant manner and that I should not misinform the fandom. I replied with that after reading a small portion of the 3x11 script I doubted that the Fall would lead to a real revelation and that evidence made me question if the dive was actually real or canon. 

Third, you asked me to prove to you that I had spoilers (Like seriously are we in elementary school I’ll show you mine if you show me yours?)

Fourth, you know my real name… Good for you. I don’t and yet you made a tumble side-account in order to reply to my post meaning that you probably either monitor my blog or you follow me with your main account. Wow, that shows great maturity. 

Fifth, I never brag I simply state. I have an Ego yes, but I’m certainly not a five-year-old nor do I wish to be. 

Sixth and final. By the way how appropriate that is. Six! If any of the accounts who know the spoiler want to attest to how real and grave it is by all means. 

And now you can all see why I decided to unfollow the Lucifans on Facebook although I believe that the main Admin is a total sweetheart :P 

anonymous asked:

My chem teacher is the absolute best. She just gave us all more time to turn in the lab reports. Sorry. Had to share and your blog was opened in my phone and I'm so happy. ^-^. Have a good day :-*

You have a good day too, anon! Happy studying!