Ok but even if Jackson gets lots of attention and is popular and recognised due to his personality and his multiple appearances on TV he still makes sure than all of the other members get the respect they reserve as well as equal participation when they’re promoting. He could do all the things he gets asked but he always has the members in mind and that’s one more thing to add to my “Why I admire Jackson Wang” list | trans

Bonus (a few days after):

I find this extremely aesthetic, so I decided to share instead of keeping it to myself, because maybe you’ll like it? I honestly don’t know??? I put my favorite panel ever from you comic through Prisma, and then edited all the filtered versions together, with the original in the top and slightly transparent. I hope you enjoy! (Sorry if it looks bad…)

being told ur lazy and also having depression is confusing sometimes bc when u dont feel like doing anything u don’t know if ur being lazy or ur just depressed

So I already posted this on my art blog @doodle-libraby, but I wanted u to see this because gosh dang I love this glitch nerd so much. Seriously tho, props on the story, comic, and art so far, I’m loving it! Keep being awesome