not to be weird or anything but like what do yall do w your blankets that have taylors face on them like don’t u feel weird???? like when people come over do they laugh at ur blanket???? are they even warm they look like the scratchy kind????

dear t no longer a,

thank you. my mother has unfortunately made it very clear what she thinks of transgender people, but im very glad for your support and advice. im waiting until im in a stable financial position to come out just in case i really do get thrown out. i am very lucky to have a very good support network of friends as well.

-just d

Unchained - Divine Rose

How to get it? Mission 433.

How to level it? New materials, and there’s a material mission for it today.

What’re its boosts? Magic/Speed/Magic/Magic/Speed

What about Light/Dark boosts? Speed=Dark/Magic=Light

Anything special? At level 13, it gets its first Light slot boost, instead of waiting until level 21. It also has more AP–so far it’s at 16 AP, it wouldn’t surprise me if it increased to 18 AP like Olympia.

anonymous asked:

Does he know what you write on here?

Yes. Sometimes he reads it, even though he’s a scientist who isn’t a huge fan of literature. And sometimes it drives him mad, but he knows that I love him.