Here. All the sides doing Pokemon’s Z Moves :D jus because I like to combine my passions. 

Maybe I will to the animations for the complete dance, just maybe. 

(Psst, even if you’re not into Pokemon reblogs and feedback are appreciated    ^-^)


lisajaveline  asked:

You said you did quite a lot research to come up with the name Firena right? I'm really curious now! Can you please do tell us more?

Dude, I was honestly waiting for that question since I first uploaded my fox!Alya name here x)
Alright so I put back together my internet search history since I myself didn’t know anymore how I got to that name.

Okay, so first goes that I wanted the name to somehow represent Alya as a fox. First guesses were Volpina and Vixen, both names for female foxes but-… Eh. Volpina already existed and Vixen was too-… Easy. So I began googling my way through Alya’s history. Let’s see.

First I went to Alya’s ML fandom wikia page.

Hi, Alya! So, I started scanning it but nothing really caught my eye until I discovered something I recognized as an exciting fact from Thomas Astruc’s Twitter.

Sha-bam! What is this? Her family comes from a different country! Martinique, barely heard from it. Let’s see!

So I googled Martinique. Now I knew that it was an island in the Carribbean Sea, square kilometres, population, mhm, mhm…

But WAIT what is this?!

Interesting! There’s another language that the population speaks next to french, let’s see where that leads me. I clicked on it and found this here:

Mhm, yeah… Tried google translator but sadly, there’s no Antillean Creole as an option so I continued scanning the page. Nothing useful so faaaaaaa-HEY what? Uh-huh, what’s this?

Now that’s interesting. Haitian Creole? Hm… Let’s go to google translator and put that in, let’s see what we’ll get. Luckily, google translator had Haitian Creole so I was able to work with that.

Now, search for what? Plain Vixen? Nothing. Maybe fox? Let’s try fox.

Now that sounds actually more like it! Rena… But that’s still not enough. It’s just fox, nothing else. So I decided to spice it up a little (To that time I didn’t know Rena Rouge could be a thing so I didn’t take this one).

Voilà! And there we have it, Firena. Short Fi or Rena. Close to Rena Rouge yet still personal and individual enough.

I liked that name, so I kept it. And I plan on keeping it, no matter what the show says. Because, well, I think it’s a very fitting name for our dear foxy ;)

(P.S. Thank you so much for the ask <3 I had a ton of fun editing this post and I hope it answers all questions ;P )

anonymous asked:

Would you rather... Have a Darth Plagueis movie OR have Pieder as canon?


You can’t! :D

You can’t do this to me! NOOO!. :D

Bwahahahah…. How could I choose!!!

Please, someone, help!

What an awful dilemma!!! I’m laughing and sobbing, gods what a pathetic wreck I am.

As lovely as shipping is, it is not the only point in all of this. The story of Darth Vader’s rise and fall, his deeds and redemption, it is all already glorious. And Piett proved himself to Vader and to all of the galaxy, so -  I’m content. The rest of the story will be better when made by us fans for us fans.

So, I choose Darth Plagueis …and post again my sketch of a young shirtless Sith Lord Plagueis practicing his lightsaber forms. Ahhghhgg DarTh PlaGueis!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @mellomadness!!!!! 

I know you said no need for a doodle but like I’ve been DYING TO DRAW THIS PARTICULAR DOODLE for you for your birthday since like Monday I shit you not

Anyway the shitty children love you and bring you a big-ass cake they made themselves (Winter’s kitchen needs a deep clean now bc they used a North Pole Kitchen recipe so this cake as big as them was the result)


anyway mello I hope your birthday has been/is a good one!!! And lotsa fun!!! With some chill times for you!! and stuff!! :D