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So I was watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 
and…I love that movie…and…
I just…
I vomited all over my work…

(oh and the nerdy glasses thing inspired me. So I sketched this out. HEHE)

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Enjoy my little “Nerdy Nick?” :p 

idontunderstandthiseither  asked:

I've been following the Sterek tag for over a year without ever seeing an episode of TW. I've only now just watched the first 5 episodes. Please tell me that *someone* is nice to Derek soon. I don't think my heart can take all the hate that is aimed in his direction. So far all he has done is try and protect the kids

This is easily the most upsetting thing about season one, to be honest, and I can’t say it gets much better. Scott, in particular, is often completely dismissive of Derek and, at worst, outright cruel (I’m not sure if you saw the scene, yet, where Derek talks about the Argents burning his family, some of whom were human, and Scott blithely replies: “well, maybe they deserved it.” Maybe your family deserved to be burned alive. I just… really, Scott?)

And there are reasons for that (not excuses, not at all, but reasons) which I’ll ramble about for a moment. I think the way Scott acts is very much due to Scott seeing Derek as the physical representation of everything that’s gone wrong with his life. He can’t be mad at the Argents because he’s in love with Allison. (Thus the truly feeble “maybe they had reasons for killing your family” attempt. He wants to believe that Allison’s family is good so he can live happily ever after with her without problems, and Derek being collateral of that just doesn’t occur to him.) And he can’t take out his anger on the Alpha because the Alpha isn’t there for him to lash out at.

But there Derek is, popping into his life at unexpected moments, trying to tell him that the bite can be a gift, how his life is forever changed and he has to accept it. Which is all completely true, but Scott doesn’t want to hear it. He doesn’t understand the weight of what’s happened to him, and wants nothing to do with the supernatural or hunters or monstrous threats. He just wants to be a normal teenager and play lacrosse and date the pretty girl, and he’s connected Derek with everything he doesn’t want in his life.

And so he shuts Derek out. And he justifies it because Derek isn’t the most personable person around. (Derek, who has just lost the last of his family in a truly horrific way, who is completely alone for the first time in his life, taking on the responsibility of killing the Alpha who murdered his sister, as well as dealing with the family who murdered the rest of his family and the woman who seduced, abused, and betrayed him. Derek, who’s living in a constant state of alert and near panic, whose only allies are a couple of kids who have no idea what they’ve stumbled into and keep on stumbling into trouble because of it. I wonder why he’s a bit moody…)

So yeah, there are reasons why Scott sees Derek in a bad light in season one. They’re shallow and childish, but they’re there.

Stiles is a different matter entirely, because while he will openly bitch and complain about Derek, gripe about him and joke about letting him die, he is still consistently there for him. It’s Stiles’ nature to be sarcastic and snark, that’s how he deals with stress and being uncomfortable… but no matter how uncomfortable he is and how much he complains, when push comes to shove he will put himself in danger to help Derek out. You said you’ve seen five episodes, which means you’ve seen Magic Bullet – when Derek is shot with wolfsbane and Stiles stays with him all day, is willing to chop off his arm (can you imagine that? Chopping off another person’s arm?) if it’ll save his life. Wolf’s Bane (1x09) is another great Stiles & Derek episode, showing Stiles going out of his way to help Derek.

While Scott is hit or miss (very miss if thoughts of Allison are distracting him), Stiles is consistently there for him. Complaining, grudging, but there. And that’s something that Derek, alone and grieving and under attack from all sides, desperately needs.

So to answer your question… no, no one is really outright nice to Derek in season one (or, really, season two) but if you read through the lines, you’ll see that he’s not totally alone.

Female actress: I would love to play a role as a strong female character, where I’m not for the male gaze, or reduced to the role of the love interest. There’s too many female superheroes that almost always are for the male gaze or love interest. I want more than that. I want a dynamic storyline as a female character. That’s my dream.

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