I just really love the way you draw. I am but a fan and I wait just like the others for another animation, a gif, even a random drawing from you because they are soooo good! So here is a little something I tried to do, he is more… of an anime version, and I also added a female version of him (if I’m correct you mentioned before that this Chara is a male (?))
Please keep up the great work! I’m rooting for yah!
(#longlivechocolatetacos) 0^◇^0)/


potterheadbbc  asked:

I haven't been feeling very well mental health wise lately and i just need some cheering up. Do you think you could help?

(( OOC: Have some of my happy gifs! :D 

Laughing/Smiling Marauders! 8D 

My Familia… because they make me irrationally happy… so I’ll share them with you. XD 

And this gif of Paige…. Because of reasons. )) 


I was reminded of some bard shenanigans after the “Spanish inquisition” stories. I was really good at rolling badly so I just took up plaguing the other players with incidental music mostly. Rolled a 1? Sad trombone. Rolled a 20? Trumpet fanfare. Being chased down a hall by a pack of orcs? Barricade the door with a pipe organ. In an open field and need cover? Pipe organ again. There were many pipe organs.