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What would NG codes be for Natsumi, Sato, Komaru, and the rest of the dr1 crew?

I won’t do DR1 right now, but how about Twilight gals and the warriors?

Komaru Naegi: Cannot ask for help from anyone at any time.

Touko Fukawa: Cannot transform into Syo at any point in time.

Satou: Can only act in ways of self-preservation. (Ex: cannot share food, give others information, etc.)

Natsumi: Cannot interact directly (face to face) at any time with Fuyuhiko.

Monaka: Cannot lie at any point.

Nagisa: Cannot refuse any favor asked of him.

Kotoko: Must be acting at all times. If she shows a genuine reaction to a situation, she’s done for.

Masaru: Cannot engage in competition. (Even something as simple as a thumb war.)

Jataro: Cannot speak in similes or metaphors.


Some sequences I did secondary-key animation for from 「Code Geass: Akito the Exiled」 episode 5. (Secondary Key animation or “ni-genga” in Japanese animation is when one animator finishes and cleans up another animator`s layouts.)

「コードギアス 亡国のアキト」5話(このカットで)第2原画で参加しました。数カットしか描かなかったが、コードギアス・シリーズ、そして赤根和樹先生(私が一番好きなアニメディレクター)の作品(少しだけでも)参加して光栄です。

Thank you Sharon Lin for dreaming big and rocking that Kind Monster spirit in all that you do! By founding the community-building hackathon StuyHacks, leading an entrepreneurial tech camp for teen girls, and partnering with the United Nations to increase access to education, you are building a kinder, more accepting world for teens around the world! Congrats, ghoul!


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A gift for a friend C;

I haven’t played the game yet so I hope that I captured Saint Germain’s personality with the help of spoilers ;;;v;;;

I also played with a lot of textures and effects again so I hope it looks okay orz


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