I don’t understand how people can say they hate anime, how can you possibly know that? All anime is different, just like all live action shows are different. If I told you that I hated all live action shows you would just look at me like I was an idiot, because all TV shows are different right? There’s something for everyone. Well, anime is like that too.

There are girly ones:


there are scary ones: 


There are action packed ones: 


sometimes they are romantic: 

   Sometimes not so much: 



They can be sad: 

They can be Happy:


They can be silly:


There are strong female leads: 


But don’t worry, the guys are awesome too: 

So you see…

there really is….

an anime… 

For everyone…. 

you just have too…

find it.

So please…

don’t judge all of it…

Without watching them first. 

Anime is about love: 

and life…

and loss…

but most of all…. Family.

I love big cupcake dresses! C.C. from Code Geass wore an intricate butterfly dress in a CLAMP illustration for Code Geass and I was enchanted by the details and colors. It was on my To Make list for almost a year, and I bought a whole bolt of heavy satin for the costume.

I finally made this costume in the wintery month of January 2013, following a difficult journey to China to attend my Grandma’s funeral. Spending weeks cutting out the trims and butterfly shapes, heading the intricate headpiece, sewing yard and yards of fabric together… It was intensely therapeutic and helpful for my grief to dive into a detail oriented costume such as C.C.

I love this costume so much, not only for the design and how princess-y I feel in it, but also the profound meaning it has for me during a hard period in my life.

Photo by Brian Boling at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco ❤️

Have you ever experienced something similar? Has a costume helped you get through a rough spot in your life? Share your story and help inspire others to pick up this amazing creative outlet! #cosplay #creativity #craftsmanship #YayaHan #CC #CodeGeass #CLAMP

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