Okay so I finally got my hands on Jim Moriarty’s coat


it has skulls on the button cuffs.

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Do you still believe in jonsa? :( I really want them to be together :( I want to believe jon is playing daenerys i can't just accept he would bend the knee easily!

Hi sweet anon,

I do still believe in Jonsa. I’ll always believe in it, until the last ASOIAF book comes out to prove me wrong.

Jon and Sansa’s relations have been set up and written to be romantic – both in the show and in the book in my opinion. Not for a one-night stand, not for sexual tension, not for political marriage; but for finding comfort in each other, safety, trust, peace, love and family, something that nobody else in the World could give them. All they long for is the North, the Starks, their family and their home, and who could understand that better than they do themselves? Who else could understand their pain?

Let’s look back:

They had the most emotional reunion out of all characters on the show. None of the men in castle black have looked at them and thought they were siblings. They all must’ve thought they were long-lost lovers. 

The stare™ and the cheesy smile:

When was the last time Jon or Sansa laughed like this? Who else makes them happy like this? 

LOOK AT THIS!!!! For god’s sake if my sibling looked at me like this I would’ve called the police by now

Now, the letter from Ramsay. Look at how he looks as Sansa to check up on her before reading the letter. 

When it got to the r*pe bit, Jon threw it away and looked away in anger.

When Sansa carries on reading, look at his face. Look how gently he lookes at her.   

He loves her.

Now, for the fur-coat scene. This is important - Sansa tells Jon “You are a Stark” without really saying anything. 

For god’s sake look at him

Then the heated argument in the tent. (can you imagine if this was Jon with another specific character arguing in a dark tent while breathing heavily? the internet would go crazy) Jon was really trying to be angry here, but couldn’t. He still looks at her like this: 

“I won’t EVER let him touch you again. I’ll protect you I promise”.

We all know Jon’s reaction to Ramsay mentioning Sansa in his bed *kill bill sirens* Have you ever seen Jon being so protective over anyone like that before? 

I also found interesting how Jon found and was looking at Sansa when the Vale’s army marched in:

After the battle, Sansa was the only reason he didn’t beat Ramsay to death. 

And then the forehead kiss. 

This is not a brother showing affection to his sister. This is something else. This is far too loving, far too intimate, far too long.

And then another stare.

Then, she makes him laugh once again, like nobody else does.

And she finally looks happy. 

And when Jon becomes the King in the North, he looks at her. 

Continuing into season 7, we’ve got this gem, where Littlefinger says he loves Sansa and Jon gives us one of his angriest moments in the show:

He entrusts Sansa with his kingdom and his people

and he tenderly looks back to look at her one last time before he sets off

And lastly, the thought of her is the only thing that stops him from killing Theon.

I know this got long, sorry, but there are so many little moments, touches and looks that are so important. We know they’ve been rushing the show, they’ve been rushing J0nerys, but they haven’t rushed this. Why? Why haven’t they rushed Jon and Sansa and concentrated on them building trust for each other? Their affection for each other? 

Because, dear anon, I believe that Jon and Sansa will end up together. And you should too! 


Camp Gritty 2017
It’s do or DIY: Dip Dye Party

If tie dying sweatshirts in the woods with your best friends doesn’t just scream summer, we don’t know what does. We were so stoked when artist, Charlavail asked us to be a part of Camp Gritty for the second year in a row, and we already had unicorn colored dreams of what our Vans Girls DIY would be this year.

We worked with Charlavail to bring our candy coated vision to life with an epic dip dye party in the middle of the wilderness. First things first, we needed the perfect canvas for campers to dye at our party. Of course, Charlavail delivered the epitome of cuteness overload— an illustration of a Gritty camper roasting ‘mallows over a campfire in her favorite pair of Vans for our sweatshirts (we will be saving this sweatshirt… forever).

Campers were greeted at our magical DIY station with a sweatshirt and all of the pretty dip dye colors their hearts desired. It was pure magic watching campers create unique colorful pieces that reflected their bright personalities. 

Create your own summer dip dye party with your friends: All you need is a blank canvas (we love the Full Patch Long Sleeve T-Shirt) and some buckets of dye!

Photography: Celina Kenyon

Two is better than one


Summary: Literally just a supersoldier cuddles session after sex 

Warnings: suggestive themes, swearing, cute nerdy supersoldiers 

Originally posted by aestheticimagines

  You’re entire body shook in post orgasm bliss and the thought of moving at all almost made you tremble more.

   "You okay doll?“ Two warm hands cup your cheeks, a soft Brooklyn accent penetrated the fog in your head. 

  You weakly open one eye, staring at Bucky before you. He has this soft little smile to his lips and unlike you he’s perfectly composed, the only hint that he’d just had one of the greatest threesomes of his life came in the form of small beads of sweat on his brow. 

  "Come on (Y/N),” Bucky’s thumb swipes along your clammy cheek, his smile faltering just a bit. He was always worried after the three of you had sex, after all, it wasn’t easy to take such two large men at once, so Bucky was justified in his fears.  "You gotta answer me sweetheart,“ 

  "Yeah,” Your voice is hoarse, absolutely wrecked. “I’m okay, just-” You close your eye, searching for the perfect word to describe how you felt. Good, just overwhelmed? Absolutely blissful but already sore? 

  “I know,” Bucky gently presses his lips to your sweaty forehead, drawing a small noise of contentment from you. “I know how you feel. How about you Stevie? You okay back there?” Steve’s slightly sweaty forehead pressed against your shoulder, his warm chest pressed to your back, his soft lips just barely grazing your skin as he breathes in deeper than usual. 

  “I’m good,” Steve smiles gently, his lips curling upwards in that smile both you and Bucky loved so much. 

  “Good. That’s good,” Bucky gently slides his hands from your face down to your arm, his fingers gently tracing along your flesh. “We should probably shower, change the sheets-" 

  "No,” You whine, a broken noise from the bottom of your throat. “Bucky I’m too tired,” Bucky hums contemplatively as he looks at you, giving you the impression that he was thinking about what you said but before you could realize he was faking it he had already whisked you up in your arms, laughing softly when you squealed in surprise.

   "Come on Stevie,“ Bucky offered his hand out to Steve, which he gladly took. Bucky then proceeded to guide both of you to the bathroom, the now much larger bathroom to met your every need; (Tony was sick of hearing the three of you whine constantly about how small your quarters were "Well you see, this tub wasn’t made for three people, much less to behemoths of men) A much larger tub and shower, bigger vanity, plenty of room for three people to share comfortably.

   Steve turns the water on, letting it warm up before he deems it worthy. Wordlessly Bucky slides into the shower with you still wrapped around him like a sloth.

   "You have to put your legs down (Y/N),” Bucky chuckles, his free hand now running up and down your spine soothingly. 

  “I don’t think I can move them…" 

  "Tire you that much, huh?” Steve chuckles as he joins too, his chest pressed against your back, his hands sliding down to your claves to gently unhook them from Bucky’s legs. “Sounds like you’re losing your touch," 

  "I am not,” You tilt your head backwards to glare at him. “You two are just fucking horny dogs who can go at it for hours,” Both men chuckle as they reach for something; Bucky the soap and Steve the hair products. Simultaneously both boys begin to pamper you, with Bucky covering your entire body in soap, his lips gently pressed to yours, and Steve rubbing the shampoo into your hair, his own lips pressed to your neck.

   The two keep at the whole pamper thing for quite some time, so long that the water began to run cold and even Bucky’s fingers were starting to shrivel up. 

  “I’ll go change the sheets, you two put some clothes on,” Bucky gives both of you a kiss before he hops out of the shower, grabbing a towel before exiting the steaming bathroom. 

  Steve smiles as you turn in his embrace, your legs wobbling as you face him. Wordlessly he picks you up, his muscles giving no strain at having to loft an actual human being. After successfully getting you out of the shower and onto the bathroom counter he grabs the remaining towels, wrapping one around his own waist and the other around your body. 

  “We’re so lucky,”  Steve whispers as he brushes some water sopped hair away from your face. “You’re so beautiful, so sweet, so perfect," 

  Steve was most definitely the sentimental one of the three of you, the one to constantly validate you and Bucky, to constantly go on rants about how lucky he was, It was always sweet.  

  "You’re pretty damn good yourself Steve,” You smile as you reach out, raking your nails through hair hair, delighting in the purrs of pleasure you were able to pull from his lips. “You’re so perfect for us, wouldn’t want anyone else, just you Stevie,” Steve smiles shyly, the praise sinking below his skin, making him blush like some schoolgirl. 

  “I thought I told you two nerds to get dressed,” Bucky pokes his head in the bathroom, smiling at the sight that greeted him, his two lovers touching each other tenderly, smiling at each other sweetly.

   "Sorry Buck,“ Steve chuckles as he grabs the clothes Bucky had laid out. "We’ll get right to that,”

   "Good. bed’s almost ready anyways,“ And with that Bucky leaves you two again, his footstep retreating back into your bedroom.

  Steve smiles as he let’s your towel fall to the floor, leaving your body bare before him, only now the sight of you naked wasn’t sexual, it was something else entirely. Even when Steve began to slide your underwear up your legs, his lips glued to your still trembling thighs as he assisted you in dressing, it wasn’t sexua, now it was more affectionate, more intimate. 

  Steve slides a large shirt over your small body, one of his that you and Bucky often borrowed. It smelled like Steve and Bucky, like safety and home, like detergent and Bucky’s shampoo, it smelled like Steve’s cologne and now it smelled like the lavender soap the boys had coated your body with. 

  You hum softly as Steve kisses your lips gently, his hands sliding down your waist as he let’s the shirt fall around your body, the material bunching around his wrists. He tasted like you and Bucky with just a hint of some kind of fruit. 

  "Get your clothes on you nerd,” You mumble against his lips, smiling when he more than reluctantly pulled back. 

  The man’s “clothes” consisted of a pair of boxers, as did Bucky’s but you didn’t mind in the slightest. The constant skin contact, the all around legs wrapped around yours, one chest pressed to yours, another pressed to your back, was simply heavenly. 

  “You need to drink something,” Steve adds as he eyes you, all the while worming the skintight boxers up his legs. “Your voice sounds wrecked,”

   "I feel wrecked,“ You chuckle gently just as your legs give another tremble; what perfect timing. "But in the best kind of way,” You add, noting the concern that immediately overtook Steve’s features at your words.

  “We could have been softer…" 

  "No Stevie,” You cup his cheeks, letting your thumbs caress his stubbled skin. “It was perfect, I promise you,” Steve hums as he leans into your touch, his lips pressing a gentle kiss to your wrist. The small touch of affection had your heart skipping a beat, your lips curling upwards in a smile, your stomach blooming with a warm pleasant feeling.

  “As much as I love to look at you two,” Bucky interjects the sweet moment yet again, smiling at the two of you so lovingly it almost hurt. “The bed’s ready and I’m fucking beat,” Steve nods and he wordlessly picks you up, his arms comforting around you. One arm wraps around you securely, keeping you locked against his chest, while the other reached for Bucky’s hand, tugging him into the mass of warm bodies. 

  You hum sleepily, softly, as you nuzzle against Steve’s neck, breathing his scent in deeply. Warmth, safety, protection, love. 

  “I’m gonna set you down doll, so you’ve got let me go,” You nod as you slip your arms away from Steve’s neck, letting him gently place you down onto the fresh, clean sheets. 

   You hum once again as you nuzzle into the pillows, awaiting your two best boys to join you in bed. You didn’t have to wait long before Bucky was burrowing into you from the front and Steve nuzzling in from the back; Their warmth mingled with yours and suddenly everything felt okay. You felt like a three piece puzzle and now that all of you were interlocked so intimately the puzzle was complete.

   "You sure you’re okay (Y/N)?“ Bucky asks softly, his fingers dancing up your arm, stopping to tuck a strand of slowly drying hair behind your ear.  

  "I’m sure,” You nod, beaming up at him the best you can. 

  “Good.” Bucky states once again, his smile nearly infectious as he looked at you. “Now get some sleep Любовь моя, you need it,” You hum sleepily, appreciatively as Bucky kisses your forehead, his lips lingering for quite some time before he pulled back. “You too Stevie,” Bucky reaches over you, ruffling Steve’s hair affectionately. 

  “I was half asleep when you so rudely woke me up,” Steve cracks an eye open to glare at Bucky, his look playful but still less than thrilled. “Looks like I wore you both out,” Bucky smirks teasingly even if his eyes were dropping with sleep themselves. “Maybe you two are losing your touch,”

  “I am not,” Steve states indignantly, a sort of frown to his features. 

   "Hmm,we’ll just have to test that tomorrow morning then,“ Even though the three of you were so completely and utterly worn out the thought of yet another pleasure filled morning had your core aching to be filled and it may have been your imagination but you could have sworn Steve’s hip gave a little jerk against yours. 

  "But for now,” Bucky smiles softly, all mischievousness melting away immediately. “You two need sleep,”

   "So do you,“ You yawn, your eyes slipping closed and staying closed as you do.

   "I will,” Bucky whispers, his metal hand tracing circles into your shoulder, slowly soothing you into a deep sleep. “I will doll,” But you were far too gone to respond, your exhaustion taking over.

   "Love you Buck,“ You whisper, the only words you could manage at the time. "You too Stevie, love you two so much,” Both boys smile, sharing a sweet look with each other before allowing their own eyes to close, letting their own fatigue take over.

  “Love you (Y/N)," 

happy belated birthday  @magnusragnor  ♥

elle you are an incredible person and an amazing writer, i couldn’t be more grateful to have met you and call you friend. love you!!

i am so sorry it took me so long to post this but i hope you like it

(the biggest thanks to @maghnvsbane who was the most patient beta i could have asked for and went above and beyond when helping me with this)

Sometimes Alec reminds Magnus of a cat.

He can’t remember the first time the idea formed in his mind, but it had probably been before they started dating. Back then, Alec had acted like a stray cat, wanting affection but so afraid to receive it – letting his guard down one moment just to be defensive the next, wary and hissing every time he felt threatened. Magnus had found himself reacting in kind, scared of doing something that would only spook him further, instead extending a cautious hand and holding his breath, hoping it will be perceived like the offering it was but knowing it could be scratched instead.

Now that they are together, the image Alec conjures in Magnus’ mind is that of a content, spoiled cat. Never shy about seeking affection when they’re alone, closing his eyes and melting every time Magnus runs his fingers through his hair, practically purring when touched in the right places – and Magnus delights in discovering and exploring all the right places.

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vman After the overwhelming success of his debut album, all eyes are on VMAN38 cover star @zayn as he readies to release his follow-up. Photographed by @inezandvinoodh and styled by @panosyiapanis, Zayn wears @dsquared2sweater, stylist’s own jacket, and @calvinklein 205W39NYC coat. Jewelry and jeans Zayn’s own. Belt stylist’s own. Head to vman.com to read his cover story by @willwrights.

Day Four: Torture

Takes place around the middle of season three, no spoilers. Words: 1.7k

Lance gasped in pain, his arms straining against the chains that held him up, making him dangle a foot above the floor. Haggar hit him with another blast of energy and Lance almost blacked out, his mind in a blurry haze of pain.

“Tell us the secrets of voltron!” she screeched, her face contorted with hatred.

“Never!” Lance groaned, the chains digging into his raw wrists. “No matter what you say, no matter what you do, I will never betray my friends.” Another strand of energy hit Lance square in the stomach and he screamed, sweat dripping in his eyes. Haggar prepared another hit but Lotor placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Now, Haggar, we don’t want to kill the boy, do we?” he chucked as if Lance’s death was a joke. To Lotor, it probably was. “Give him a break, and we’ll try again later. Maybe some loneliness will make him break.”

“But-” Haggar protested, but Lotor shushed her.

“Obey me, Haggar, and soon I will allow you to use the full extent of your powers.” Haggar seemed to like that and her ragged face contorted into and ugly smile. “Goodnight, blue paladin.” Lotor flicked off the lights, plunging Lance into darkness.

Lance wasn’t sure how long he had been in the Galra base. After a scouting mission gone horribly wrong he had been knocked out by one of the sentrys, and he had woken up some time later in a strange room he didn’t recognize, strong chains attached to the ceiling holding him in place. At first he had tried escaping but in the end he had realized it was hopeless and he resigned himself to waiting for the rest of his team to find him.

Being alone in the dark gave Lance time to think, and sometimes he thought that the thoughts drifting in and out of his head were worse than anything the galra could ever come up with. They don’t need you, whispered the little voice in his head. Shiro’s back, and they have five paladins again. They’re not coming for you. You’re not needed. Lance squeezed his eyes shut, willing the voice to go away. Recently his doubts had gone away, leaving him in a temporary state of happiness but here, alone in the dark of the galra base they had resurfaced, tormenting him when he was alone. Lance took a deep breath, staring up at the ceiling, willing the voices to stop.

Lance wasn’t sure when he fell asleep but he woke up to metal clinking together. He opened his eyes to see a long white table spread out in front of him, covered in long metal objects, their ends sharp and pointy. Lotor stood on the other side, polishing a long spear like object. The lights glinted off of the end, making the tip look purple. When Lotor saw Lance’s eyes open he grinned, setting the spear down. His grin wasn’t friendly or kind; it more closely resembled the grin a predator gave its prey before pouncing and ripping it to shreds. Haggar was no where in sight.

“Hello, Lance,” Lotor said, examining a thin metal stick with a studded ball at the end. “I wasn’t sure if you’d wake up this time. Haggar really.got you that time.” He was casual, the possibility of Lance’s death not even bringing up an ounce of emotion. “I could call Haggar in again, but I thought some time for just us would be helpful. After all, I am well practiced in the art of torture.” He selected one of the spears. “Here’s how this is going to work. You tell me what I want to know,” he looked up at Lance, a gleam in his eyes. “Or I impale you with this spear.”

Lance didn’t think he had ever seen anything that sharp. The closest he had ever encountered was his Mama’s steak knife, and he had seen that cut straight through the toughest meat you could imagine. “Let’s begin, shall we?” asked Lotor. “What is Voltron’s greatest weakness? There’s something off about Voltron, but I just can’t seem to put my finger on it.” Lotor didn’t know about the lion switch, and there was no way Lance was going to get rid of the team’s only advantage.

“No,” he responded, trying to stop his voice from shaking. He wanted to ooze confidence, as if he was sure his team would be there to save him any minute, when in reality he wasn’t sure if they were coming at all.

Without hesitation Lotor plunged the spear into Lance’s stomach. Lance was stunned for the first few seconds until he screamed, the pain like nothing he had ever experienced. The wound burned, pain shooting through his veins.

“Hurts, doesn’t it?” Lotor mused. “The poison won’t kill you, at least not immediately. You will stay in pain until you tell me what I need to know. Are you prepared to do so?” Lance couldn’t speak, the pain too great but he managed to make his mouth moist enough to collect a small ball of spit, sending it flying into Lotor’s smug face. The smile disappeared from his face, replaced with a sneer.

“Prepare to pay for that, paladin.” He grabbed the thin pole with the spiky ball on the end, sticking it inside Lance’s wound, stretching. it out. Blood dropped out onto his bare stomach, stopping near his belly button. Lance bit his tongue, unwilling to show Lotor how much pain he was in. Lance would never give him that satisfaction.

For what seemed like eons to Lance Lotor asked the same question, and Lance refused to answer. Every time Lotor would make the hole in Lance’s stomach bigger and Lance would hide the pain, and ignore the fact that the skin around the wound was slowly turning green. Soon he was nearly passed out, the blinding pain keeping him in a limbo between consciousness and unconsciousness. He was bleeding slowly, the torture tools on the table covered in blood, his blood. The thought made him sick, that a part of him was so close to the galra prince.

He barely noticed when the commotion started, the doors crashing down all around him. He glanced up, the scene sliding in and out of focus. Five figures lept into action, their features blurred.

“He’s getting away!” someone yelled, and three ran out one of the doors, the only one still attached to the wall. The remaining two figures, clad in black and pink armor, approached him. The one in black reached up, unhooking Lance from the ceiling. Lance felt large, soft hands gathering him up and cradling him in his arms.

“You’re going to be fine, Lance,” came Shiro’s voice, sounding like it was a million miles away. “I’ve got you.”

Lance woke a few times after that, a different paladin always watching over him. When he woke for good he was in his bed, aching all over. Keith sat by his bedside, his head in his hands as he stared at Lance. Lanxe trued to sit up but he was stopped by a blinding pain in his stomach.

“I wouldn’t do that,” Keith advised. “The bandages won’t hold.” Keith looked exhausted, as if he hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep in years. Lance lifted up his shirt to see his abdomen wrapped tightly in thick white bandages. Underneath he could see a faint shade of red and green.

“What happened?” Lance groaned, his voice barely discernible. Keith glanced down, sadness filling his expression.

“When we finally found you you were almost dead. When you didn’t come back from your mission we searched for you, but Lotor hid the base. It took us a week to get to you. I’m not exactly sure what kind of poison he used, but it could have killed you. The galra have antidotes, but no one had any idea how to cure you. You were green by the time we got you to a pod. You’ve been asleep for a week and a half.”

That long? Lance had thought he had been out for two days, at the most. He definitely didn’t feel as rested as he should. He was still tired and in pain, his wound throbbing.

Keith reached over, putting the back of his hand on Lance’s cheek. “Your fever has gone down, at least. There were times that it was so high I was scared it might be the death of you.” Keith was keeping up a brave front for Lance but Lance could see the worry hiding in Keith’s eyes. From the sound of it he had been on the brink of death for a week and a half, the feeling of worry coating everyone in the castle. “How do you feel now?” Lance answered with a shrug, not wanting to scare Keith any more than he already had.

“C’mon, Lance,” Keith pleaded.

“Not great,” Lance responded, and Keith gave a dry laugh.

“I’d think that was the understatement of the century. It’s not like anyone expects you to wake up at a hundred percent. Allura said you’d need at least a week of bed rest before she’d even think of letting you out of the castle. Personally, I agree with her.”

“What?” Lance scoffed. “When have you ever cared about my health?” Keith seemed mad.

“Do you even know how scared I was?” He was definitely mad. “For a week and a half you were on the brink of death. You had a 106 degree fever! You’re my friend, Lance, and I almost lost you.” Lance couldn’t help but be shocked. He had always thought that he and Keith had always just been teammates, nothing more, or at least that was what Keith thought. Clearly, Lance had been mistaken.

“I’m sorry,” Lance finally managed to squeak out after struggling for words.

“It’s fine,” Keith said with a strangled smile. “Just- try not to scare me like that again. So, are you hungry? Hunk’s been talking about his famous healing soup ever since we got you back. Personally O think it’s his coping mechanism, but it probably tastes good.” Lance swung his legs over the side of his bed, testing out his legs.

“I’m not sure how well I can walk.” Keith reached out an arm for Lance to grab on to.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll be there every step of the way.”