Here it is, everyone! ‪#‎HeyVioletThisIsWhy‬

I don’t know if any other of you bomb squadders know but Nia took to twitter this morning to say that her dog Drakus has died. She tweeted “So last night my dog Drakus passed away in his sleep. Bye bye baby brother” Nia has had Drakus since she was little and he was a rescue dog. She has made YouTube vids with him called “Thoughts of Drakus” and even some other ones.
RIP Drakus you will be missed not only by Cherribomb but by Bomb Squadders everywhere.

BombSquader Jeff (aka iamapolarbear) messaged me several weeks ago and said he knew a guy who could make custom leather bracelets and he wanted so have some made up for the members of Cherri Bomb. He had an idea for an interlocking chain made from the Cherri Bomb logo that would then be personalized for each of the girls and he wanted me to do the artwork. I made a prelim sketch based on his description then a final template which was used for the actual engraving in photoshop. This is the final product.

Cherri Mom Ana Lovelis plotted with us and made a video of them opening the box - Unfortunately, Julia was sick and couldn’t be there :(

Here’s the video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0TflCRlyyM&feature=g-u