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My Summation of Cherri Bomb

Cherri Bomb are definitely starting a new trend in the rock industry. These girls will show the skeptics in the industry that no matter what your age is, you can play good music and people will listen, because most people who are looking for new bands care about the music and not so much the image.

Cherri Bomb have many high profile connections and networks which will assist them in achieving their goals. They have played with some of the biggest acts in the business, that is surely going to give them some credit in the eyes of their peers and music fans worldwide.

Cherri Bomb are only just starting off on their road to massive success in the rock and roll industry. I personally believe that Cherri Bomb are just at the beginning of what will be an amazing adventure for these girls into the world of rock and roll. 

They are young, talented, and have everything going for them. I’m sure their fan base is one hundred percent behind them, and will support them in every decision they make in the future.

anonymous asked:

Do you think HV/julia will ever come completely clean about what happened? even in the newest interview julia pierce did, there are still things thats unclear, it's swept under a rug and there's no solid answers. My theories could be that, nothing actually happened between them, julia pierce can't talk about it because someone might be stopping her, julia actually left the band because of something bad that they did. (still "cherribombs" fault) or they've made up.

Julia has actually answered this before on her personal tumblr. She said the truth may never be shared fully because it’ll “open up a can of worms.” If people were honest with themselves they’d realize that half the time they’re begging for the truth, the real truth is they don’t want to really hear it, because the truth is a hard pill to swallow. This is why many hardcore CB fans tried to expose the lovelis and co. and many personal friends did too. They wanted the world to know what they did. I think that’s what a lot of people who weren’t there when the shit went down don’t realize. Lovelis and co. didn’t just take away CB from Julia, but they also took her voice. They silenced her because they had the upper hand. Had Julia said everything without filter she would have been more alienated and viewed as an asshole, or worse, just another jealous girl. They painted a picture of Julia, claimed she was narcissistic, big headed, and a bad influence over-all…if Julia talked, she would have let them win. She would have come off exactly as they said she was/is. I’m happy with how she handled herself and continues to handle herself, because of the fact. You will never catch her talking shit about them. If people want to accept the truth, it’s right in front of them. The way each person decided to handle themselves after everything was said and done. How some wanted to cover up shit while others spoke up… I’m just saying, the truth has been shared… here i’ll give you the most factual version:

the lovelis and co. stole CB from Julia, FACT.
the lovelis and co. kicked Julia out, FACT.

How do I know these are facts? Because Julia, nia, rena, and Miranda all agreed that Julia started the band. There are multiple interviews were they confirm this. And fact number two, both Julia and their old record label (Hollywood records) confirmed she was kicked out. With all the countless times julia said IT WAS NOT HER CHOICE, and the biggest conformation comes from the label. They were LITERALLY dropped because they got rid of Julia.

Oh, and I’ve said it, people who know them personally have said it and julia, herself has said it; the parents were way too involved. And by parents I mean Ana lovelis (I’d like to count this as a fact but I can’t. I will mention though, she was the one with the most prominent presence, who was also credited as a song writer, so that could be used as “proof,” a fact check of sorts, I guess.) Cherri Bomb was ruined in order to make Hey Violet happen. They tried to continue to use the CB name but after everyone didn’t care about them anymore and *real* labels were not interested in a cherri bomb fronted by a bad singer, they went silent…only to emerge as best friends of 5 seconds of summer and use their (5sos) name to climb the social ladder. Thats what happened. There was no fairy tale cinderella story here, no “starting from the bottom now we’re here” triumph kind of story, no, they just fucked around until they struck gold with hi or hey. Don’t buy into the bull shit. They’re not good, no matter how much people wanna say they are. It’s a business, and it’s manufactured.

And as long as we’re sharing theories, here’s something I noticed… I know 5sos needed a fucking break. I know they need time to write an album, those were probably the most sensible reasons why they haven’t come out with any new music since girls talk boys, but there’s a big part of me that believes they stepped back/slowed down….way down, in order to give hey violet the spotlight. This was their time to shine and they failed to break into the top 10 with their debut album…just saying.

That’s what happens when you make a bad investment.

Or karma, I don’t know.


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