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The Last Jedi spoilers

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, keep scrolling.

Rey’s parents are confirmed to be C-3PO and R2-D2 and honestly, I thought it was a bit predictable.

Snoke is confirmed to be Elan Sleazebaggano.

F8 (fin x BB-8) is made canon.

Ashoka and Hux are a couple.

C-3PO murders Lando and hides his body in Leia’s closet. Leia is framed and arrested. With her in jail, C-3PO becomes the new resistance leader. C-3PO then turns kills everyone in the resistance (except Rey, Poe, Rose and Finn) and joins the first order.

Rey battle’s both C-3PO and Kylo.

Kylo help’s Rey fight 3PO.

R2 tries to redeem C-3PO, but 3PO kills him.

Kylo is then killed by Rey.

Luke blows up the 14′th death star.

BB-8 is revealed to be pregnant with Finn’s child.

Lando appears as a force ghost and calls Poe fat.

Skippy the Jedi droid trains Rey in the ways of the force

Luke trains BB-8 in the ways of the force.

Skippy and Kylo Ren get into a lightsaber duel.

Skippy dies and Poe is sad.

Luke blows up another death star.

The Porgs turn out to be Snoke’s sith lords and Rey has to kill them all.

Sonic destroys the Death Egg.

You just know that Rose’s thought process when she was lying in the snow was something like “OH GOD I’m going to die in the arms of Finn the handsome resistance hero, I must demonstrate my love for him in the cheesiest way possible C’MON ROSE YOU CAN DO THIS…we will win by….protecting…WHAT WE LOVE [kiss] nailed it”

Has there ever been a more #relatable star wars heroine