Kittens demand love and attention almost 24/7. They know that because they are so darn cute, they’re irresistible and their mom will eventually relent and play with them. Here we have a mom looking exhausted and stressed out, and thinking to herself about all the things she needs to vent about at her next “Feline Fiction” book club (her only time away from her kittens).

The real reason selfie sticks were banned at Disneyland was because the animals who live in the park were becoming too obsessed with taking photos of themselves. The above photo shows “Puss in Boots” off the clock, figuring out the right angle to take the shot. Behavior such as this distracted them from their duties and thus Disney was forced to act.

In order to lose weight, some cats choose to appear on reality TV shows like “Biggest Loser” in which they are publicly trained and weighed.