@BTS_jp_official:  今日は憧れのa-nationに出演できて本当に嬉しかったです!近くからも、遠くからも、たくさん応援してくださった皆さんがいて、ドキドキしながらも楽しく盛り上がれました!ありがとございました ❤️

We are very happy to have performed the long awaited a-nation festival today! Near or far, we are thankful for everyone who cheered us on, and our hearts pounded while we had the time of our lives! Thank you very much ❤️

Allura is gonna end up wearing crocs and knee high socks bc she saw that they were “crocs” aka a shortened name for earth crocodiles which are feared and ferocious creatures therefore these “crocs shoes” must be very intimidating and cool, the socks are just because she loves earthling socks

Reach Out and Touch

Santana rubbed her temples gently, trying not to get snappy with the girl behind the counter.  Why, oh why, did buying a phone always mean hours of frustration?  And more paperwork than it took to buy a car?  Fortunately, it looked like they were near the end of their process.  Dani had chosen an iPhone, with a purple case that would help protect it from any bumps or drops.  The phone had a generous data and texting plan, and a large amount of data included for email and web surfing in case Dani needed it.

Finally, with a few more signatures, the phone was theirs.  Santana handed it to Dani with a smile.  “There you are.  A phone of your own, if you’ll pardon the rhyme.  Now there’s no excuse for not letting me know if you’re going to be out late or anything like that.  Right?”

Text: Augustus
  • Aria:I tried to be nice to Adrian, I tried to talk to her about what happened. She wouldn't listen and insulted me repeatedly. So just so you know, you'll probably get a report on how i'm a bitch.