Just so y'all know, Trail Life is a fucking joke and nobody should donate to them. 


Cub Scouts - Blue with a lot of bright colors, usually on kids 12 and under.

Webelos and Boy Scouts - Tan and a pale green, on anyone 12 and up.

Venture Scouts - Teal with minimal red text, these usually need money for vacations and stuff, 15 and up, can be any gender.

Sea Scouts - Dark blue and black, kind of like Venture Scouts in that they will need money for trips, not a lot of criteria found on these, look for older kids 15 and up, they’re pretty easy to spot and are usually found in states bordering the sea. 

Any group of younger scouts should be accompanied by 1-2 adults, wearing tan and green, of any gender.

Trail Life colors change from time to time but cannot be too similar, right now look for dark red, black, and lighter green.

Trail Life consists of a very small percentage of former Boy Scouts who are “taking a stand” against the ruling that gay kids can get their Eagle and be scout leaders. It is also not a coincidence that you very rarely see anyone but white men in this group. Don’t buy anything from them, don’t even talk to them, they no longer represent any part of Boy Scouts. In my troop, we commonly referred to them as the Westboro Baptist of BSA.