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when my favourite character dies

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i made this at like 2am….

  • Anti-Amedot shippers after Too Far:Peridot is ableist towards Amethyst! Amedot is abusive!
  • Anti-Amedot shippers after Too Short To Ride:Amethyst is ableist towards Peridot! Amedot is abusive!
  • Me:Or maybe neither of them are perfect, they're both trying to get better, and let's just move on.
Burichi chapteru 6-7-9 reviewu

It’s beeen a longgu timu since last review, so sorry and don’t forgetu to checku the last REVIEW

As usual Kubo is teasing us with Ichhimemihime moments like the one up there!

Nao onto the nekst page, We’ve been proven once again that Yhwach is the biggest Ichmihhime shipeeerr!!!!!!!!

This is truly beautiful desu, Kubo you chiky briky MAKE EM KANON ARRREDYYYYYYYYYYYY

Chapter note= 151151331532463+1-5/10

simply epik.

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Hello, I love your Ishihime and Ichiruki stuff, especially the comic you have on the future Ichiruki daughter Hisana wreaking havoc. I notice you posted some info about the Ishihime kids, but I don't see anything about Hisana and her sibs. Please give us more info about these sweet babies!

I- I can’t believe I have people coming into my inbox these days and asking about what are essentially my ocs im dissolved in a puddle of tears on the floor


so basically, I have a vague idea for an entire Bleach nextgen story (+ headcanons of how I think things become settled after the Quincy War), and you can find posts related to it under my After the Quincy War AU tag. I will also direct you to this post in particular, which shows you my headcanon ichiruki children, their names, and age gaps! 

But to give you a bit more information on them: 

Hisana: eldest, kind of an even mix between Ichigo and Rukia in every conceivable way. Ichigo’s sense of justice and recklessness, plus Rukia’s ability to shut down and compartmentalize. Ichigo’s natural talent at swordplay, plus Rukia’s proficiency in Kido. Rukia’s ability to dish sly teasing out…. plus Ichigo’s inability to take it, lmao. Her main faults are 1) her ‘FITE ME’ dial is always set to 100 (kind of like Kenpachi) and 2) she’s kind of…. self-centred? Kind of got tunnel vision when it comes to her family and friends (which, tbh, is a fault she inherited from Ichigo). This is not to say she isn’t compassionate compared to, say, Souken (aka my Ishihime nextgen child, who is fully aware he puts his family and friends above ‘everyone else’ and is unapologetic about it), just that that’s how she is currently. She mainly uses her shinigami/vaizard powers in battle. 

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Ichihime Challenge

Head Canons:

Ichigo and Orihime’s first baby (if a girl) will be named Masaki (Ichigo’s mom)

Due to Orihime’s shyness, modesty, and innocence I think they will most likely wait until marriage..or maybe our baby girl has a wild side ;)

Maid of Honors will be Rukia, Tataski, and Rangiku

Groom: Renji, Uryuu, and Chad

Orihime had panties with strawberries on them and usually snacks on strawberries

Ichigo and Hime actually hung out regularly during the Fullbring arc and alittle after that (before the war shit)

Ichigo usually gives Orihime blue flowers on White Day (blue hairpins ya know)

Orihime usually gives Ichigo strawberry filled chocolates for White Day

Uyruu will become a doctor and deliver their children X3\

Rukia and Renji, or Tataski usually babysit

Ichihime and Renruki go on double dates a lot

(Already said this one) I think their first time Orihime will cover her eyes most of the time and she get startled and they’ll fall off the bed and she’ll land ontop of him and she’l be like “I told I’m heavy!” and start whining X3 

This list could go on forever XD so I’ll stop )

Why and When did I start liking Ichihime?

I started being an Ichihime fan 3 years ago a little while after I had started watching the entire Bleach series since my family had gotten Hulu. I actually started watching Bleach when I was 12 since my sister owned the first three seasons, then I continued with it when we got Hulu when I was 14.At first I thought that Rukia and Ichigo liked eachother but I didnt really care about ships at the time (cause I wasnt really on the internet XD )

Then I asked my older sister about it, who got me into anime and everything lol, and she was like:

And she sat me down and lectured me about how they love each other giving me crap load of examples and shit and when she told me about me when Orihime said goodbye to Ichigo I basically fell in love with the couple, then I went to the library and check out a bunch of the manga volumes and I was like


My favorite Ichihime moments? Its very difficult to choose actually but I guess

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The Weight of Living

Ichiruki. Written for this week’s @deathberryprompts drabble prompt. The prompt this week is ‘endings’. I failed miserably at making this a drabble. ~600 words. It has a happy ending, I promise. 

Ichigo supposes that he always knew it was going to end like this. Ever since that fateful night with her sword through his chest, they’ve made a habit of recklessly throwing themselves in front of each other.

He leaps without thinking, inserting his body between Rukia and the slicing arms of the Hollow. The white hot agony that rips through his midsection as the scythe-like bones carve into him makes his mouth drop open, but no scream comes out - the sound of his voice is swallowed by the pain. The scent of copper fills the air, and blood flows, hot, wet and red, over where he presses a hand against the wound in his gut, futilely trying to hold his insides, inside.

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