Biffy was a drone for 10 years???

…how old was he when he joined Lord Akeldama?

…but also, why hadn’t Lord Akeldama petitioned to have Biffy changed yet?

…would Biffy have had to serve under the hive queen for a while afterwards? How does that even work? I wish we knew more about this… I hope there will be a story with Akeldama soon… “Romancing The Ancient Gay Vampire” maybe…

#272 Ah, my capable Biffy. Do not let me drink too long from you alone.

Remember i was Doing Literary LGTB couples, well, i owed you this one.
If by any chance you haven’t had the grace of reading “The Parasol Protectorate” series i strongly recommend you to do so.  In these books, i was particularily fond of Lord Alkedama’s and Sandelio de Rabiffano’s relationship.
Although… well, No spoilers..

So Imma let this one here and hope y'all are curious enough to read them.

I can’t believe i owe you a whole month of my 365 days Challenge,  shame on my Cow!!
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