top ten biffy clyro lyrics that just don't make sense
  1. you think you’re cool, like a porcupine
  2. i’ve swallowed half an hourglass and now the landscape has swollen up
  3. i’ll turn your baby into lemonade
  4. we fit like ice cream on an open wound
  5. i’ve never had a lover who’s my sister or my brother before
  6. ancient rome, we built that fucker stone by stone
  7. my bulbous head flapping til it’s red
  8. well i can dance on top of a hurricane
  9. the midget is frigid, i put it to you
  10. ladies ask why i’ve got no fingers or toes
Everyone is beginning to breathe as I break down,
You are in love with a shadow that won’t come back.
Sooner or later, we all have to wake and try forgetting everything,
Underneath, there’s a perfect sky.
Baby I’m leaving here,
You need to be with somebody else.
I can’t stop bleeding here,
Can you suture my wounds and feelings?
—  Biffy Clyro - Opposite