[HD]130728 Barefoot Friends with Eunhyuk part 1 ( Diving cut)

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KIM HYUN JOONG IS GONE… (Barefoot Friends Ep18)

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I kinda reflected the meaning of his song.. And in some point, I realize, its hard to be famous, REALLY FAMOUS. And its really brave of him to show this side of KHJ (where there is really NO KHJ XD). Salute to you Mr. 4D! :)

You need to take care of your “image”. You cannot do anything out of the line. Yeah, fame has its perks..BUT, we have to admit, you cannot express yourself freely because you’re a public figure… In short, you can’t live your live the way you want  it to be (at some point… MAYBE.)


I’m just empathizing.. I’M NOT FAMOUS.

*credits to the owners of the pictures and the video :)