Some of My Favorite Jdrama Ships Part 2 (1, 3, 4)

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To be honest, while everyone’s raving about their favourite Spring dramas being “ATARU” or “Kagi no Kakatta Heya”, my favourite was really “Shiritsu Bakarea Koukou”. Despite being a short half-hour episode per week drama, I really enjoyed it right down to that very last episode. (Prolly has to do with the fact that I’m both a huge fan of JE & the AKB48 family. I did watch other Spring dramas such as “Papadoru” & “Kaeru no Oujo-sama” tho, but I still loved this one better.)

The final episode did prove to be a bit unsatisfactory however, which is what really gets me anticipating the movie version a lot more. Besides starring the usual main cast, the movie will also be throwing in more AKB48 members such as Kato Rena, Takeuchi Miyu & Kawaei Rina + more JE Jrs. such as Abe Ryohei, Watanabe Shota & Sakuma Daisuke. I know many of these names might be very unfamiliar unless you’re already a fan but before I watched Bakarea, I didn’t know half of the JE boys starring inside as well (I am slightly better w/ the AKB girls). Now, I have a new favourite JE boy that is Matsumura Hokuto.

The movie’s plot, as seen from the preview, is mainly about the 2nd Kattarea School merging with yet another school (presumably due to economic issues again). War begins to rage between the original Kattarea school girls and the current ones at the 2nd school, while the boys seem to have their hands full w/ another group of yankee boys. And my personal favourite part, Tetsuya’s feelings for Fumie grows a lot stronger and Fumie probably will end up torn between Tetsuya & Tatsuya. The movie will air in Japan come October, and is definitely high on my to-watch list of movies.

If you haven’t already caught Shiritsu Bakarea Koukou the drama, please do. It’s not superb but for a group of teenage idol actors/actresses, I think this had been a pretty interesting show.