anonymous asked:

seriously, are you pro? you're like one of the best artists I follow on here.

No, I wouldn’t say I’m pro, I would really like to be, but I’ve still got a lot to learn. I will say though, I’ve been drawing for a Solid 13 years now (more, but I’m only going to count the years it looked like a functional object). For an Example, here’s my time in drawing over 9 years (had to dig these from their burial grounds):

Done in March, 2008.

This was drawn in February, 2009.

September, 2010

Drawn in December, 2011.

This Drawing was done in  January, 2012.

October, 2013.

Done in July, 2014.

Did this last year in December, 2015.

This was done this year January 3, 2016.

So, yeah. Art takes time, and crazy hours and dedication. I think the main things I tried to focus on was shadows/Shading, and Anatomy. I can now basically mentally grid where things should go. so, anyways..  If you really love it, believe in yourself, yo. You got this.