And then you kissed me. And you held me like I was something precious, one hand on my waist and the other on my hair. And I kissed you back. I kissed you back so fucking hard I could barely breath. Then you pulled away, looked into my eyes, and I knew where I wanted to be forever. I wanted to be with you.
I love you. I swear I do… And I know we’re together, I know you’ve held me close and kissed me breathless, and I know you’re my boyfriend. But I’m afraid. I’ve never given someone my heart… tell me honestly, please, can I trust you with it?
The Hogwarts Houses as Nail Art


Something bold, both in colour and style. Gryfindor is the house that’s most inclined towards 3D nail art too. Gryffindors want something that makes a statement, and that they can be proud to show off. Likes either gems or glitter. The most likely house to have house themed nails.


Hufflepuffs like each nail to be different, almost like their nails are telling a story. Though fairly simple in design, Hufflepuffs want something that evokes a strong reaction, either within them or other people that may see their nails. For example something amusing, like the picture above; something meaningful or personal to them, e.g. a fandom they’re in or something they like; or something that has a story line, for example this.


Fairly delicate looking, also very classy. Ravenclaws want to express themselves in their nails, but also want to smile everytime they look down and see them. True perfectionists when it comes to nail art. Bonus ‘smile points’ if the Ravenclaw has painted them themselves. As the most creative house, they are the most likely to do this.


Fierce and mysterious, something that makes them feels powerful. Slytherins’ want impressive looking nails, regardless of how they achieve this, whether they paint them themselves or get them done professionally. A slytherin wants to look down at their nails and smirk because they’re looking fierce af.