you call me POWERFUL and you mean:
without mercy, sharp fists and sharp heart, 
the rage of mountains when they tremble. 
you call me STRONG and you mean: 
unshakeable, unbreakable, unkillable. 

i wound myself up like clockwork just to 
make it true, turned myself into an earthquake 
just to shatter the mountains inside of me. 
you called me BRAVE and i realized that 
the things i’m most afraid of are living in me. 

the truth is, when you say POWER you mean 
STRENGTH and when you say STRENGTH 
you mean: don’t look weak, don’t feel weak, 
walk high, punch hard, don’t look back, don’t 
look back, don’t look back, don’t look back 

the truth is, everyone looks back. 
the truth is, i started shaking one morning 
and i never really stopped. the truth is, 
i want to be the sea at storm, wild and vicious 
and beautiful in its power but all i am –

– is what you mean when you say FRAGILE 
when you mark a human being DON’T TOUCH 
or she’ll BREAK you, what you mean when you 
draw lines in the sand and on one side are those 
in glass houses and on the other are those with stones. 

you say EARTHQUAKE and you mean: 
natural disaster, the gods striking down, 
something too powerful for mortals to escape 
but when i say EARTHQUAKE i mean: 
i’m shaking, but i can still fight. 
i’m scared, but i’m still going. 
i’m sorry, but i’m still here.
—  the gods got nothing on me | m.j. pearl | for @arthurdarvill

My Babe♡ Arthur Darvill. (For a long video;İnstagram:bucatedits) #DoctorWho #arthurdarvill (My Edit.)

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  1. iris west (the flash)
  2. ginny weasley (harry potter)
  3. kara zor-el (dc comics)
  4. maya hart (girl meets world)
  5. harley diaz (stuck in the middle)
  6. cora hale (teen wolf)
  7. annabeth chase (percy jackson)
  8. lila bard (a darker shade of magic)
  9. emika chen (warcross)
  10. lois lane (dceu)

no particular order because i love girls too much

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hi! i wasn’t planning another follow forever for a while, but tis the season! we all need some positivity as we near the end of this terrible year, and also i was bored. so here’s an update, in (mostly) alphabetical order. i love you all for the content you put on my dash, keep doing what you’re doing, and also thank you so much for tagging properly! 💕  (and of course, if i missed anyone i’m so sorry! just hit me up and tell me that i’m useless.)

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@gray-autumn-sky i met you this year! you’ve been one of my favorite writers for a long while now, and i lowkey flailed a little when you started talking to me. still do sometimes. you’re so nice, and i brighten up a little every time i see you’ve left me a message. i hope that doesn’t stop any time soon. thank you for indulging me with spoilers and also just reaching out to say hi! it all means so much <3

@idoltina ♡ i met you too this year! so 2016 had bright spots. you’re amazing, you’re so talented, and i’m forever grateful and flattered that you share your writing and your writing woes with me, even though i’m useless at helping you figure it out most of the time. thank you for ever making me wonder what kind of dog my favorite character would be and why she’d be so bitter about it. here’s to more au’s <3

@jdthemdtobe ♡ this nerd right here. wow. what would i do without your puns or your pickup lines, or your virtual cats (it’s been a while, are they ok?), or you just being a nerd? you’re seriously such a great time, and that’s honestly the main reason i decided to smother my anxiety for a chance to meet you in person (which didn’t happen sadly; the curse of 2016). so until the next opportunity, take care of your computer, and i’ll sit here waiting for an update on those cats <3

@mindykahling ♡ my boo! you just get me so well. i probably have the most in common with you than anyone else on here, and it’s really nice! i still haven’t given myself a chance to read wrath and the dawn, but it’s on my nightstand, and every time i see it i think of you and how i’m letting you down. i promise not to buy another book until i finish that one. and of course, fuck thank you for pitch, that one dimple on kylie bunbury’s cheek is what i live for <3

@the-alpha-incipiens ♡ we got saltmarried this year! and almost saltdivorced that one time. but it’s fine. ranting and tossing headcanons back and forth with you is such a good time, and i’m forever grateful for you indulging me when i send you writing things that will never live up to anything of yours. it’s been a while, and i miss you, but i hope you have a good rest of the year <3

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