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Cosplay: Cinder Fall from RoosterTeeth’s RWBY

Cosplayer: @cinders-fall /  @twifairycosplay

Photographer: @romanfuller (personal blog: @turnfreebaby)

HOW TO DRAW EXPRESSIONS - A process tutorial

ALL LINKS HERE:  http://javicandraw.com/2016/07/how-to-draw-expressions-a-process-tutorial/

Can you draw expressions? Doesn’t it drive you crazy when you want to draw a character and you don’t grasp how the face moves correctly? Well, in this looooong video I go through the steps of discovering what makes an expression great, and how to draw them! Join me as I look for other tutorials, use Benedict Cumberbatch’s face and draw a girl getting punched in the face! This is gonna be fun!!

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