Patty cake, patty cake
Baker’s man,
Bake me a cake as fast as you can
Roll it, pat it, what the heck stop!
What are you doing baker’s man,
that’s my family! Oh lord that’s my entire family!
don’t roll them into a cake and bake them!
Noooooo! What on earth did I ever do to deserve this!

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But Jax if you kill a villain you're no better than them.

Out of all the Tropes there are. 


So Saitama is no better than Deep Sea King?

Goku is No Better than Frieza?

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Harry Potter is No Better than Voldemort?

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The Fellowship of the Ring is No better than Sauron and his Demonic Minions?

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The Avengers are no better than the Villains they Took down?

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Cap is a soldier so Killing is second nature to him.

Thor is a Warrior God whose slain many

Black Panther is a warrior who wastes no time.

Tony killed his father figure Obadiah and quite a few terrorists

The Hulk….is the Hulk

Black widow is an assassin

Look Im going to make this perfectly clear. I dont care if a Hero has morals that prevent them from killing a bad guy who’s Massacred Thousands, gets locked up, escapes and does it over and over again. I respect that. Like I understand why Batman wont Kill Joker because he’ll become a psychopath and wont know when to stop. BUT WHAT irks me is when Red Hood and Wonder woman have offered to Put him down permanently and Bats says No. So all the innocent people who DIE are kinda on him cause theyre warriors.

What matters to me Is the fact that SOOOO Many innocent lives wouldve been saved if you had JUST ENDED IT THERE! I dont give a fuck about that “Morality Bullshit” if innocent people are in danger take em down. Thats why I love Future Trunks he doesnt waste time with Dangerous Villains

A great example of this. SPOILERS FOR FLASH SEASON 2 is when Barry couldve killed Zoom right then and there and ended it. But He lets him escape and ya know what happens…SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER. ZOOM kills His father right in front of him. Not to mention the entire police squad he massacred.

That type of shit pisses me off cause they couldve prevented it. The Lives from Being lost. Thats why I love Wonder Woman and her line here

I’ll make it perfectly clear if someone ever harmed anyone in My family or someone I was close to, I can honestly say I would NOT hesitate for a moment. to Protect those I care about and I would do what i have to do and nothing anyone will ever say will ever change my mind on the subject no matter what, people have tried for years but I dont give a fuck my mind is set in stone on this. 

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Though the real reason they dont kill off villains in comics is because they are popular and dont want a villain of the week deal. DEAD ASS serious my friend is a writer for DC and told me that straight up