i know a lot of people make the easy comparison between yuuri and yuzuru hanyu 

for those people, I will be happy to tell you that Yuzuru Hanyu won the Grand Prix Final today for the fourth straight year in a row

if thats not hopeful foreshadowing, I dont know what is


More Characters under the cut!

 Here it is! The character sketches for the YouTube AU I’ve been working on for months! I’ve got a hell lot of headcanons in my mind for this AU and I’m really grateful to @qi-tana who is going to collaborate with me on this! When I don’t have an upcoming comic, she will have a short (most probably illustrated) fic ready!

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This was supposed to be ‘sisters’ night’, but that one certain person insisted, claimed because he’s a ladies man.

Ok so level with me here

What if these two dumbasses

Victor, a handsome, tall blue-green eyed and silver haired Russian who is a total fun-loving goof but also hard-working on top of his amazing natural talent. (And I also headcanon as being the shortest in his family, though he still carries dem giant-genes)

And Yuuri, a Japanese sweetheart whose natural instinct when faced with a tiny angry kid who is yelling at him and kicking him at every opportunity, is to love and accept and dote on him 

decided they wanted kids, but as they are two men that would just not be happening in the usual way any time soon, so they get Yuuri’s sister Mari

who basically shars the exact same set of genes as him, to donate a couple of eggs, and get a surrogate mother. They also decide to go under the radar and raise their kids out of the public eye, so they both change their surnames to Yuuri’s mother’s maiden name, Haiba, and raise them in Japan.

What do you then get?

That’s right, these two dumbasses:

Am I right or am I right?

(also who’s willing to bet they let Uncle Yurio name Lion Lev)