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anonymous asked:

Cassie Cain for the headcanon ask?

- Shes really smart, very good at puzzles and working things out, a very quick thinker

- Is a die hard feminist and protests equality between all genders and races

- Tried to bake once, the cake exploded, Alfred made her clean up

- Likes little kids and puppies and kittens because oMG THEIR SO SQUISHY AND HUGGLY

- Is pan

- Has a thing for girls with piercings and boys with short names

- Likes to swim, or just sit under water, its very calming to her, just feeling the water brush against her body as she swims against the current

- She is and will always be Bruce and Kates little girl

- Everyone in the superhero community loves and adores her but also low key fears her

- She gets freckles when its sunny