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hi! do you have any fic recs for arkham verse jason?

sure!! not as many as i would like but here have some


Vepr .223

Modified Russian AK variant that uses the thicker RPK receiver. Note the angled cut at the rear of the receiver. A straight-back adapter has to be installed in order to use a larger variety of stocks, like the fixed skeleton one in the photos. Most of the recent Vepr imports have the angled cut receiver due the thumbhole stock they shipped with. (GRH)


I’m not trying to be the “stage-mom”, pushing him into the stage. He suggested that he was comfortable a verse of that song and I was kinda like “Okay, well, let’s practise” and he’s like “No, I already practise that. I’m good, I’m ready.” He’s a little bit smart than his dad.”  — Anthony Kiedis about Everly Bear on stage, February, 2017.