Take Me As I Am. 



“It was more that the acting thing just happened. In my last eight months of school, I realised that this was what I wanted to do. I was very lucky to know – I mean, so many friends of mine, of my age, are still hopping around doing different courses, career changes. I realised early on.”

I ask if acting was a normal activity among his friends. “Well, it wasn’t really normal for me. I didn’t really care what people thought. If you tell people you want to be an actor, they say, ‘Jesus. Best of luck.’ I think everyone was quite surprised because I wasn’t a theatre kid, I never went to see plays.’’


I’m sure that some people believe that being a dick comes with the territory. It’s just that you can get a bit consumed by the job, which can tip over into self-indulgence. You’ve got to remember that we’re not saving lives-it’s just entertainment, Actors can forget that sometimes amid all the ego-massaging. I’m aware of that and it’s something I’ve always fought against