First of all, ARMYs from Korea and all over the world, our fans, we appreciate and love you guys the most. We have only debuted for 3 years yet we are able to receive such a big award. I think it’s all thanks to many seniors who have paved the way for us.  We know this is an amazing award that help introducing Korea pop culture to the world, as well as globalizing K-pop. We will constantly work hard to become better singers, better K-pop singers. Thank you.
—  Rap Monster, Cultural Minister’s Award acceptance speech at the Korea Pop Culture & Arts Awards

Finé didn’t tell Izetta she was a Princess

Izetta thought of her as one anyway, but not for the reasons other people would have. Not because of a father or a fortune or a future

To the lonely girl she reached out to, Finé was a Princess because of who she was- someone unreal, something out of a fairytale

Beautiful and kind and unafraid. Bursting with wonder and questions over Izetta’s magic, helping her practice with them, eager to be friends even with someone so strange

She stepped into Izetta’s world like the heroine of a story, lifting the curse magic had placed on her life with nothing but a smile

Who else but a Princess does something like that?

So it isn’t that Izetta ever treated Finé as anything other than a Princess

Just that she treated her as the sort of Princess Finé actually wanted to be

Day 1 Style Change

Ok so I tooks  this as a life style change. Instead of going goth they both were weebs??? Like the worst kind that assume all asians are Japanese.

I figured they’ll still have an affinity to like red and darkness. Ennui’s wearing an original drawing. They’re like naturally their goth pale from NOT GOING OUTSIDE.

While Crimsons name is now Crimson-chaaan~, I havent a clue what Ennui would be.

Congrats BTS and Mr. Son!

I’m so happy for BTS, but I confess I’m specially happy for Mr. Son getting it. It’s about time that his work as great coreographer as well as his hard work preparing and teaching the boys since predebut until now (cough, cough extra credit for teaching Namjoon, Jin and Yoongi cough cough) is aknowledged.